Please help: Left-sided pelvic pain after ERPC (d&c) today :is this normal?

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chickenrice Wed 28-Sep-05 13:39:13

Just had Evacuation of Retained Products of Conception (ERPC) (similar to D& C) this morning for miscarriage and testing for molar. Constant pain on left hand side near where tubes are since. Does anyone who has experienced this know if it is normal?

Please help.


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Donbean Wed 28-Sep-05 13:46:32

What tubes do you mean CR?
for your loss hun x

serenity Wed 28-Sep-05 13:48:18

No idea, did they give you a number to ring if there were any problems? Maybe try NHS Direct?

Donbean Wed 28-Sep-05 13:49:43

OOOHH!!! Falopian tubes..i get it! DOH!!!
Possibly referred pain, ring NHS direct or the ward for advice.

chickenrice Wed 28-Sep-05 15:58:03

Thanks Donbean and Serenity. Anyone else?

Rang ward already. They told me to just take my painkillers and if pain persists to see my GP. My GP's shut today. I've taken the painkillers but pain's quite intense at times.

I wonder if it's pain in the ovaries. Just wondered if any one else might have had the procedure and had similar pain or is this unusual?

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serenity Wed 28-Sep-05 17:25:07

I've had a D&C and I only remember getting period-like cramps, not sharp pains. If it's bad I really would ring NHS Direct, although they will probably just tell you to go to A&E.

katymac Wed 28-Sep-05 17:33:28

Do get some medical advise

It's not fair to speculate on what could be wrong - that would only frighten could be fine, but please see someone

karmamother Wed 28-Sep-05 21:15:42

After my ERPC, it transpired the surgeon didn't remove it all. After 3 days of contractions I was readmitted & had the rest removed. Pain then settled down. Also, my sister had a ERPC then they found it had been a twin pregnancy, with one in the tube. I would definately go back to you GP when you can. Are you passing any clots or what looks like tissue?

connyflower Wed 28-Sep-05 21:18:42

when i had one, i got pains down left side too like id strained something gradually went away, sorry to hear of your loss know exactly what your going through x

katymac Fri 30-Sep-05 19:21:57

How are you Chickenrice?

Is/was everything OK?

chickenrice Fri 30-Sep-05 21:02:22

Thanks everyone

That pain seems to have gone. Similar to Connyflower's, I suppose. It was sharp though. I did feel it one more time again. However, I have had upper abdominal pain (pain between from my belly-button upwards, nausea and bloating. How long does the bleeding take to ease off? I don't if it is alright to ask but what colour should it be red , brown, etc? Thanks to everyone.

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katymac Sat 01-Oct-05 08:41:06

Glad you are feeling a bit better - I can't remember colours.....but I remember being shocked at them (iyswim)

Hope it sorts out soon

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