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complaints from other parents!

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TrinaJ Thu 30-Jun-05 20:33:24

My dd is 2.5 years and goes to nursery 3 days a week, where i also work ( in another room). There have recently been a number of incidents, includind a lot of biting! that has caused other parents to complain about her! One parent says she's making her dd cry and "bullying" her!! - She's 2 for ** sake! It's really upsetting me and i don't know how to deal with it and what I'm doing wrong. Why is she so loud and in our face?

FairyMum Thu 30-Jun-05 20:48:11

Well, why do the other parents know it's your DD who has bitten? It's not the kind of information nursery teachers should point out to parents. Unless the children themselves told the parents of course. I always think if you can't handle your child getting a few punches or bite marks, then you probably shouldn't send them to nursery.....

Pinotmum Thu 30-Jun-05 20:52:16

It's a phase. What are the staff in charge of your dd doing about her biting? I work in a pre-school and we have 1 biter who we watch closely. So far no serious biting to other children just staff {grin]. At 2.5 yo she is just finding her independence but by 3 yo I'll bet she calms down a bit and is able to be reasoned with.

HappyHuggy Thu 30-Jun-05 20:56:04

id probably complain if someone was biting my ds's at nursery. I send them there to be looked after so i can understand the parents complaining but its not nice to be the parent of the complained about child either


WierdoIncognito Thu 30-Jun-05 20:56:41

my daughter was coming home compleining about a little boy in her class. I menioneed it to the staff and they said they'd just keep an eye on the teo and try to keep little boy away from dd a bit. Its seemed to be enough and soon enough dd was coming home crying about sadi little boy. Could you perhaps just ask the staff in your dd's room to be a bit more vigilant and stop it before the incident happens?

TrinaJ Thu 30-Jun-05 21:03:37

My dd gets bitten too ! as you say pintomum it's just a phase and it doesn't bother me. It's the children saying the name, I know cos even as staff i wasn't allowed to know who bit my dd! Through discussion with staff and us it's been agreed that she is sat out for 2 mins and any toy taken away. I appreciate other parents are not happy but it really hurts to hear that by dd is a terroriser!! I'm so upset, i hate the thought that people think a 2 yo could bully.

FairyMum Thu 30-Jun-05 21:42:20

I don't think the staff can be expected to see every little thing which happens between the children. Of course if they can prevent a biting incident that is great, however, I think this is just what happens when you have a lot of children together. The only way to prevent this from happening is to completely control children's play or put them in front of the tv.....

TrinaJ Fri 01-Jul-05 13:43:17

I agree completely fairymum, I just wish other parents saw it the same! I don't know anyone else who's had complaints about their children, why is it always mine?!!

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