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how big were your children at birth and at 1year old?

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misdee Fri 24-Jun-05 23:39:07

dd1 birth weight 6lb 15.5oz. 1year weight 20lb 3oz

dd2, birth weight 9lb, 1 year weight 32lb 1oz

lilsmum Fri 24-Jun-05 23:47:50

dont know about at 1 yo without getting her book out,

birth - 8lb 13oz
16 mth - 30lb

QueenOfQuotes Fri 24-Jun-05 23:54:56

DS1 - birth weight 7lb 3oz - 1yr weight - 22lb
DS2 - birth weight 7lb 11oz - 47 weeks - 22lb 15oz

haven Sat 25-Jun-05 00:48:08

3lbs 3oz birth and like 22 lbs at one

dd was 8lbs 2 oz and good geez can't remember her weight at one, but she was a chunker

Linnet Sat 25-Jun-05 01:04:03

dd1 birth weight 6lbs 9oz - 1 year 20lbs 1oz

dd2 birth weight 7lbs 12oz - 1 year 20lbs 12oz

zebraZ Sat 25-Jun-05 05:56:15

Cor, those are 2 different babies you have there, misdee!

DD: born 7lb 1 oz (on 25th percentile), on 9th %tile at 1yo+.
DS1: born 6lb 8 oz (9th percentile). On 7th %tile at 1yo+.
DS2: born 8 lb 10 oz (75th %tile). On 40th-50th %tile now.

I think those fall offs in %tiles are what you're supposed to expect in breastfed babies.

jambo1707 Sat 25-Jun-05 06:33:05

ds1 4lb 10oz 25lb 4 oz
twin1 2lb 14.5oz 20lb 6oz
twin2 2lb 13oz 14lb 3oz

jessicasmummy Sat 25-Jun-05 07:12:52

jess 6lb 6oz born, latest weight(10 months) 20lbs 7oz

misdee Sat 25-Jun-05 08:37:56

totally different. dd2 went off the charts, sher has only recently crept back down to the just above the 99.6th percentile.

dejags Sat 25-Jun-05 09:58:52

DS1 8lbs10 at birth, 28lbs at 51 weeks
DS2 8lbs5 at birth and is now 27.5lbs at 9.5 months.

dejags Sat 25-Jun-05 10:00:20

misdee, sounds like my DS2 will be like your DD2.

Did you worry at all about her weight. I have silently worried about DS2's weight since he was 3 months old. I probably would have been far more relaxed if not for bad experiences at mother and baby groups and my Clinic Sister constantly going on about it.

misdee Sat 25-Jun-05 10:05:04

i did, but then she is also off the charts for her height, so try not to worry too much. at one point i thought it was an overgrowth disorder, but so far the docs seem unconcerned. most babies weight seem to trail off after the 1st 9-12months, dd2 just seemed to carry on. by the time she was a year she was wearing clothes for 2-3year olds. she'll be 3 in sept, she wears tops for 5-6year olds as her head is rather large and cant get t-shirts on her otherwise. trousers are for 4-5year olds.

dejags Sat 25-Jun-05 10:08:14

I have the same, DS2 is wearing 18-24 month clothing and his head is huge. His head circumference at birth was 39.5cms and they had predicted him to be huge (over 11lbs), so I was quite surprised when he popped out a relatively skinny little thing. He is also very tall.

Suppose some babies just grow quicker.

misdee Sat 25-Jun-05 10:11:13

its worse now she is older as people expect her to be acting older. when dd1 went to visit her new school, one of the teachers asked why dd2 wasnt going into the classroom to meet the teachers. errrrrr because she was just 2years old.

dejags Sat 25-Jun-05 10:13:58

Know what you mean - somebody admitted to me the other day that they thought DS2 was a bit slow. They had expected him to be walking and talking as they thought he was about 18months old.

I did feel good though when I said he's 9months old and he is crusing the furniture and can say 5 words. I met a lady with a 7 month old yesterday who was bigger than DS2, now she really gets a lot of comments and looks off strangers.

misdee Sat 25-Jun-05 10:16:54

have had that. if she throws a tantrum in shops u can sometimes hear people saying she should know better at her 'age'.

monkeytrousers Sun 26-Jun-05 10:27:42

Birth - 10lbs 4oz

8 mnths - 24lbs and growing!!!

Caththerese1973 Sun 26-Jun-05 10:35:34

my dd was altogether average in her size (3.5 kilos, or seven and a half pounds at birth, and about 10 kilos at one year). There is such a huge range of difference in their sizes. My friend has a rather slim toddler and has been berated by the clinic sister about nutrition. But this child eats everything put in front of her: she must have a fast metabolism.
I wouldn't worry about chubbiness until the child was at least three.

bigdonna Mon 27-Jun-05 13:37:02

my ds was 7lb 5oz at birth at iyr he was dd was 7lb 1oz at birth and at 1yr 21lb.

cat82 Mon 27-Jun-05 13:39:44

Dd was 6lbs10.5oz when born and still only weighs 18.5lbs and 13 months!!!!! (but we took her to see the HV the other day about it and she said it was fine)

hunkermunker Mon 27-Jun-05 13:41:22

DS - born 8lb 10oz

A year - not sure - 21lb 4oz rings a bell!

meggymoo Mon 27-Jun-05 13:42:56

Message withdrawn

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