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why do boys hate baths?

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aloadoffishyballs Fri 17-Jun-05 14:56:18

but liek them once they are in ? why

colditz Fri 17-Jun-05 15:04:26

Because soap is not "manly"

beansmum Fri 17-Jun-05 15:05:54

ds loves baths, spends all day sneaking off to the bathroom to peer over the side of the bath, probably hoping I'll have left the water in. He's only little though, he'll probably hate them when he's older. Boys are weird.

jangly Fri 17-Jun-05 15:13:49

Seems a waste of good time? Then, once they're in they remember its rather nice actually.

dinosaur Fri 17-Jun-05 15:22:52

All three of mine love baths. DS1 has been known to burst into tears at 5.30 because it's still not bath-time. He is a bit weird though .

SoupDragon Fri 17-Jun-05 15:24:07

DSs love bathtime.

tarantula Fri 17-Jun-05 15:51:16

dss used to like baths when he was little but its gone downhill since then and now hes a teenager its got even worse....groan....It takes all of my powers of persuasion (and threats of no pocket money) to get him into the bath.

Had a HUGE arguement last week about washing his hair. You try telling a 13yr old that rubbing a damp facecloth over his head does NOT constitute washing his hair

aloadoffishyballs Fri 17-Jun-05 16:20:38

min winge and winge ( wellt he two ledest do ) but hen I cant get the m out

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