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writing own name

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lilaclotus Wed 08-Jun-05 09:03:55

i hope you don't find i'm boasting about her, but my dd (4 in two weeks) has recently been able to write her own name. she also started writing it in mirror writing. she's left handed though, so i assume that's normal?

stitch Wed 08-Jun-05 09:08:00

girls apparently write much earlier than boys.
also, is her name easy to write? for example, christopher would be much harder to write than mia. iyswim
anywyas, well done you.

lilaclotus Wed 08-Jun-05 09:09:24

her name is 'ellen', so it's pretty easy. she can also my name 'leen', because it's just the same letters

stitch Wed 08-Jun-05 09:11:08

but she has the order the write way round. so well done .

spagblog Wed 08-Jun-05 09:14:04

My daughter loves to write her name too. She is left handed and will either mirror write the whole thing or just certain letters.
Well done to your DD

kcemum Wed 08-Jun-05 09:32:59

My DD 4yrs+3 can write her name when at home but refuses pointblank to do it at nursery.

LIZS Wed 08-Jun-05 09:42:42

dd is 4 in August and has been writing , or attempting to , her name with some clarity for about 6 months. She's also left handed and she goes through phases of struggling with s and e(lower case) the right way roudn. She'll also reverse write and tries to start from the right side of the page.

LIZS Wed 08-Jun-05 09:45:06

oh and it is funny how they adapt to difernet places and expectations. She "learnt" how to do it at playgroup but still hasn't bothered at the preschool where she has recently been going most afternoons in preparation for school in September even thoguh it is a more "academic" environment.

lilaclotus Wed 08-Jun-05 09:51:48

dd doesn't draw nice pictures in nursery, she just does scribbles. and at home she draws beautiful things, people with detail, a house, flowers, fruit bowls...

Sponge Wed 08-Jun-05 09:57:36

My dd is also left handed. She's 5 now and in reception at school so can write quite well but still struggles with which way round some letters go. When she first started writing she used to mirror write most of the time.

Ellbell Wed 08-Jun-05 12:46:38

Just to say SNAP... my dd is called Ellen too! Lovely name (chosen by parents with impeccable taste IMO! LOL!)
She is 3+3 and still undecided about whether to be left or right handed. She will often start a picture with one hand and finish it with the other!
She can do a very wobbly capital E but sometimes with more than three horizontal strokes...!

lilaclotus Wed 08-Jun-05 14:00:50

lol cool!
i wanted a name that would work well here and in belgium (where i am from). my gran always told me not to choose an english name as she'd never be able to pronounce it she still struggles with my dh's name (stuart)!

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