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When to indroduce a pillow and is it necessary?

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cheekychopsmum Sat 05-Sep-09 13:53:57

My 21 month old DS doesn't have a pillow, and has not asked for one, but I was wondering if it is best for him to have one, or just to leave it till he asks for one, if he ever does?

Bit daft I know, but am interested in what you think.


differentID Sat 05-Sep-09 13:55:27

leave it until you notice him using a soft toy as a pillow or soemthing like that.

GoldenSnitch Sat 05-Sep-09 14:10:42

DS asked for a pillow just after he turned 2.

I gave him an old, flat, non-feather one which he loves. (not because I'm mean but because I didn't want to strain his neck by having anything too high and feathers can be allergens)

We still find him wriggled down and laying flat without it most of the time though

Bleatblurt Sat 05-Sep-09 14:13:23

My DS is 21 months too and I found myself wondering if he needed a pillow just last night. grin

He seems comfy though and tbh I'm still stupidy paranoid about putting a pillow in his cot so I'm going to leave it until he's in a proper bed.

claw3 Sat 05-Sep-09 14:16:15

I dont think anyone actually NEEDS a pillow. Its just more of a comfort thing when we get older. I remember introducing a pillow when mine had coughs to prop them up a bit to stop the coughing.

FabBakerGirlIsBack Sat 05-Sep-09 14:17:50

Mine have never asked for a pillow and they got one when they went into a bed.

DS1 was 2
DD was 18 months
DS2 was 2

meandjoe Sat 05-Sep-09 16:44:24

I still don't have a pillow, I hate them but that's just me! I haven't thought I should have offered one to ds yet blush he's just 2 so maybe I should introduce one soon.

cheekychopsmum Wed 09-Sep-09 09:05:12

thanks for your advice! I think i'll just play it by ear and leave it for now

skybright Wed 09-Sep-09 09:20:11

Yeah mine(19 months) has a pillow ,mine he takes up most of it every night.

He does have one in his cot from around the age of one,also like claw introduced as he had a cold.

wearymum200 Fri 11-Sep-09 20:20:31

DS1 demanded one when he moved into a bed (age 2.3)- because, as he said, all beds have pillows. Is a regular occurrence to find him nowhere near it, but that is another story!

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