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Getting a bit worried as DS (2) has 2 fluid filled area on his foot after a bite..

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whereisthesun Sat 22-Aug-09 15:47:25

DS woke up on Thursday morning with what looked like two mosquito bites on his foot so I just thought they would go away. By Friday morning they were fluid filled hard areas and looked nasty, they both popped and one has gone a bit crusty while the other has filled up with fluid again. Do you think this could be just a reaction to Mozzy bites or is it something else? I have just noticed there is another small one appearing on the other side of his foot. It's making me a bit worried.

MaryMotherOfCheeses Sat 22-Aug-09 17:13:44

Doesn't sound like a problem tbh, so long as the area around it isn't red and hot.

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