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Anyone else who can't seem to tire out their dcs?!

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KTNoo Tue 11-Aug-09 22:44:38

I have dd1(8), ds(6) and dd2(3.6).

They were up at 6.30am.

This morning ds did a 1-hour swimming class, dd1 did 1 hour of trampolining, and while this was going on I took dd2 to the park. We then went for a pub lunch and they charged around the beer garden and climbed on the play equipment etc. When we got hom they watched tv for a bit then started getting "lively" in the living room, rolling around and shrieking and riding on each other's backs. So I sent them into the garden, then my Dad took them for a walk and they went to the local park. After dinner they had a very lively splashy bath, "quiet" time (ha ha) with stories and were in bed by 7.30pm. But at 9pm I could still hear them moving about - I think it was just after this they finally fell asleep.

This is normal for them. Is it actually not possible to wear them out and they just get more stamina? Do some kids sit and play quietly for part of the day? I would have thought with the amount of exercise they get they would zonk out by 7pm, but no. They just keep moving all day - they never seem to want to play calm games, and the only quiet time is watching tv, which I don't want them to do more than a couple of hours really.

Anyone else have dcs like puppies?

MamaKaty Wed 12-Aug-09 12:29:22

It sounds like your kids are getting plenty of exercise but you don't mention their diet. That can have a huge impact on kids energy levels - if they get them, try cutting out sugary snacks and drinks, etc. Plenty of outdoor play time and running about should ensure that when they do go to bed they sleep well!

chuffinell Wed 12-Aug-09 13:28:41

my 4 year DD is just the same! she is on the go constantly and, as its school hols she is not sleepy till 8.30/9pm!!

she does occasionally sit down to do drawing for 5 whole minutes but gets bored easily. exhausting isnt it? i reckon its a sign of intelligence

KTNoo Wed 12-Aug-09 14:08:46

Thanks, hope it means they are intelligent! Wish they could be intelligent in a sit-and-play quietly for 5 mins way though!

Their diet is not a problem, really they eat very healthily and I'm careful about sugary treats.

This morning they did their sport classes again, but unfortunately it's pouring down so we couldn't do the park after and instead they got marched round Asda. Now they are watching a DVD supposedly but I can hear bumps and crashes from the living room. I will have to take them out in the rain later or they will be bouncing off the walls. I don't mind, but sometimes I would love to have a quiet day where we just stay at home and play/colour/watch tv/read. Lots of my friend do that - what's their secret?

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