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Help me oh wise Mumsnetters - ds1 and penises...

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DottyDot Tue 04-Aug-09 10:12:37


OK, so I already have lesbian parenting guilt at the fact that ds's don't have an on-site male role model, but ds1 (7) asked me this morning if there's a website where he could see penises - he really wants to see other men...

I suppose it's completely natural but (a) I need to get some of those website safeguard thingies asap hmm and (b) do you think some children's biology-type books would be good? Any recommendations gratefully received and I'll just sit quietly in a corner and rock... grin

DottyDot Tue 04-Aug-09 15:19:44

Anybody..? sad

bargainhuntingbetty Tue 04-Aug-09 15:21:08

I have no real advice forr you but am bumping yoour thread as I didnt want it ignored.

DottyDot Tue 04-Aug-09 15:30:03

maybe there's no real advice to give!

I suppose I'm also looking for reassurance that it's not just my 7 year old ds that wants to look at other penises! grin

He doesn't like going to men's loos when we're out and will always choose to use the ladies' with us, which is fine, so no opportunities there to cast a glance...

Sigh. I'm going to see if I can find some books on Amazon - combining sex ed. and pictures??

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