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14 months old and only babbling??

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Stretch Tue 14-Jul-09 13:21:16

DS can only say
"Da-da", directed at DH, and
"Na-na" which means dinner/milk/any kind of food!!

Apart from that he only does "ba-ba-ba-ba"!

He very rarely uses other sounds, Ma-ma for eg. but not towards me. He tends to just grunt.

Is this 'normal'? Only I have just looked at something which suggests that he should be saying up to 7 words, but understanding up 20! He doesn't tend to point to things that he wants either, apart from his bottle and then he doesn't point, just arches his back in the general direction!

I am wondering whether it has anything to do with a tongue-tie? The HV says he could have a slight tie, but he wouldn't open his mouth properly for her to check!!

Am I worrying for nothing? I know I probably am!

sadiemm2 Tue 14-Jul-09 14:30:11

Personally I wouldn't worry to much. My nephew has a tongue tie, and was a bit slower to talk he's two now and still not that chatty...all children develop at differnet speeds. How are all the other milestones?
You could try using some baby signs, I know some people swear by them ( my sister) I know they have been contraversial ie delaying verbal speech by removing frustartion, but maybe that is something for you to try. there are lots of websites ( of course!).....
Please don't be offended but are you talking with your little one alot? I mean jsut lots of general everyday chatting..without radio and tv as background. Play lots of silly babbly gmaes with him, and songs and rhymes, when he says nana say " do you want your dinner/bottle etc. and repeat the key word, anf get in the habit of doing it! I'm sorry if this is what you already do, but have worked with children with Speech and Language disorders and this is one of the first things I would say to a parent of a child with a SALD.

But to reassure you I wouldn't worry, as long as you and little one are happy, and there is lots of chat and play, and singing he will one day burst into chat!!!

sadierS x x x

Stretch Tue 14-Jul-09 15:14:38

Thanks! smile

Don't worry, I'm not offended! I do talk to him a lot and repeat things back to him. I have 2 other DCs that are constantly annoying talking to him as well!

I did learn Makaton with DD2, just for fun, I might give that a go. Although I didn't realise that about removing frustration. I just figured people communicate in lots of different ways anyway, Makaton just makes the hand gestures more universal IYSWIM??

I have 2 DDs that are very vocal and spoke early etc...I was chilled out about his speech, but suddenly realised that he seemed far behind others. I didn't even know what milestones they had to hit, so I googled! <<big mistake!>>

sadiemm2 Tue 14-Jul-09 15:26:49

yep the internet is a nightmare for that! I have carpal tunnel like sypmoms in my wrist and the possibilities for that were scary!!
Both my girls were very early talkers but didn't really crawl shuffled a bit then walked at arounf 14months, didn't get a tooth til 12 months each either, luckily had few friends with children so no " competitive mum syndrome"! I would talk to your health visitor, although they aren't as accessible as they used to be I believe...Try not to worry, he may be alittle behind but you get some children spurting ahead some lagging behind and they all get threr in the end, and anecdotally boys talk later than girls professional colleagues wouldn't let me say that so its off the record!!!

let me know how you get on...Sadie S

Stretch Tue 14-Jul-09 15:45:50

grin Cheers!

Sympathy for the carpal tunnel.

ConnorTraceptive Tue 14-Jul-09 16:03:58

DS1 was a very early talker but DS2 has only just started saying the odd word now at 16 months. It did worry me at first but I think only because ds1 had so many words by now.

I'm not worried at all now as despite the few words he's actually quite good at communicating.

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