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Only 9 and learning obscene language at school

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scarymamma Wed 01-Jul-09 21:13:46

I'm not a prude - honest. But DS is 9 and for the last couple of months he's been coming home and telling me about the new vocab he's been learning from his classmates at school. Now I'm really pleased that he can come and talk to me about this and tell me - but the stuff he's coming out with is really offensive sexual language and terminology; stuff I didn't really know about until I was well into my teens and he's even taught me and OH a few new things (that we'd have preferred not to know to be frank).
We've told him that this language is very offensive and that he shouldn't use it - but I'd much prefer he wasn't exposed to it in the first place at his age. The problem is I don't know what to do to stop it.

cory Thu 02-Jul-09 10:26:51

the truth is that as he enters into the outside world you can't stop him from being confronted with whatever is out there

but you can make it clear to him that it is his responsibility how much of this he takes on

if you dislike hearing this language then he has absolutely no excuse to be bringing it home

tell him not to worry about it- he knows what is right even if some of his mates are foolish enough not to

Reallytired Thu 02-Jul-09 11:30:15

lol... my son learnt the F-word in nursery!

It is impossible to stop children learning bad language. Children swear in private schools as well as state schools. The only way to prevent exposure to bad language is to home educate. However he can learn not use such language in the home.

Sad to say, but I suspect that most children pick up bad language from their parents.

Poshpaws Thu 02-Jul-09 11:39:19

DS1 (almost 8) has been coming out with some corkers for about a year! Always explain to him why this language should not be used, etc, but I agree with others. Once they are in the outside world, they will be influenced by others and if your DS is anything like the junior aged boys I know, he will probably not be an innocent bystander it this. He will be loving the naughtiness of it all wink

I remember at aged 10 thinking it was great to say 'bloody hell' in the school playground, but would have NEVER said it at home smile.

BTW, my mum does not swear (being Christian and all) so not always learnt at home.

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