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26 month old not stringing words together

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lilysmummy2007 Thu 18-Jun-09 03:45:45

my dd just turned 2 and is very smart and well balanced, but im worried about her speech. she has a minor lisp which is fine, but she only says single words, and is not forming sentences or making demands. when she want something she just cries and whinges and i hardly ever know what she wants. is this normal, and will her speech improve without therapy?? anything i tell her to do she understands like put the wrapper in the bin, everything really, and if i tell her to say something she does it, she chatters in gibberish for ages, but not proper words. should i take her to see someone about it??

GRC Thu 18-Jun-09 08:05:07

Sounds very much like my DS. I'm not concerned at this stage mainly because I can see the listening comprehension is there and he can say single words when prompted, though like yours, no stringing together yet. From advice on here and speaking to others and also bearing in mind that children develop differently, I'm forcing myself to not worry for now. At 30 months if things haven't changed significantly, I'll seek more advice I think.

He also babbles away, especially in the mornings or middle of the night making lots of word-like sounds.

I completely agree about the demands though - flipping heck. A vague point and a 'mehhh' noise. Some trial and error later and we get what he wants!

tinkerbelle200 Thu 18-Jun-09 22:57:33

oh gosh!! its the mehhhhhh noise thats sending me nuts!!

GRC Fri 19-Jun-09 08:11:38

Bless their little cotton socks grin

bubblagirl Fri 19-Jun-09 08:21:49

i would always urge to seek out help asap not because anything is wrong but speech lists are so long its easier to take yourself off if all is ok than get on it later on

i took my ds at 2 and took a yr for any speech therapy to be given another 6 mths from the speech referral so didnt get speech therapy until 3.6 i took him at 2

just go and get yourself seen and on the ladder as i say if all comes along great come off the list but rather than wait a yr and then heave to be put on early intervention is the best more times than not all is ok but theres always the few that do need extra help and the earlier the better

they will have no worries with removing you from list if all turns out ok and there's nothing wrong with being overly cautious its not too young to go and seek help they all learn at own rate etc but if i had listened and not gone we would have waited till he was at school to get help far too late

lingle Fri 19-Jun-09 11:08:12

At this age the critical communication issue is that she should be able to point, wave, and lead you to the thing she wants.

If she can't do this, teach her to do it and yes, see someone.

If not and if the language comprehension seems to be there (test this by giving instructions out of context) then consider whether she has physical difficulties getting the sounds out (can she blow out birthday cake candles? ).

If all that is ok - I guess putting yourself on a waiting list wouldn't interfere with you just relaxing and enjoying her hopefully?

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