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katiekins27 Tue 09-Jun-09 05:14:27

I am still swaddling my two month old it is the only way to get him to calm down from his flailing arms and legs will he grow out of this stage or is it normal???

rubyslippers Tue 09-Jun-09 08:37:54

they lose the moro reflex (startle) anytime from 3 - 6 months

keep swaddling

juuule Tue 09-Jun-09 08:37:55

He'll grow out of it
I found swaddling great for calming mine down.

starshaker Tue 09-Jun-09 08:40:47

i used it for as long as i could get away with it. there were times when she was ill and i swaddled her then. she was 3 and it really calmed her down and ment we could all get some sleep

timmette Tue 09-Jun-09 09:00:33

Keep going we swaddled - and when they get older you can swaddle another way so they have their arms free - if needed.

notyummy Tue 09-Jun-09 09:10:31

We swaddling until 4 months I think, then took arms aout and then transferred to grobag. All went well. Wont harm him at all, and if he finds it soothing then you are doing the right thing.

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