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not sleeping thru any more at 9 months !!

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littlepik Tue 19-Apr-05 07:27:35

Hello everyone, I havn't posted here for a while as everything was going fine and dandy.........but then it all went a bit scary...
DD is nearly nine months now and up until about a month ago was sleeping thru until about 5 in the morning, having a feed then going back down for a couple of hours, now all of a sudden she's started waking up at 1.30 in the morning, I've tried leaving her but she won't go back to sleep, so I feed her and then she wants to play, she seems to have all this boundless energy. Is she waking up because she's hungry ?.....she's on 3 solid meals a day and about 4 feeds from me, or is it because she may be teething ?.......still no teeth. Should I try her on some formula...although I have difficulty getting her to take a bottle...I'm at my wits end now and spend most of my time obsessing over why she won't sleep thru.....anyone got any suggestions ??
Littlepik xx

bobbybob Tue 19-Apr-05 07:41:49

I wouldn't obsess - you are lucky that she was sleeping so well up will now. Formula won't make any difference as breastmilk actually has slightly more calories.

Give her a quick feed if that is what settles her and then pop her down in her cot - no talking, no lights. Is she in a gro-bag?

I found that waiting to see what happened meant Bob woke up completely, whereas if I could get in before he woke up completely I could settle him.

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