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Need some reassurance - is dd2 behind?

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Pippinella Wed 25-Feb-09 20:04:26

dd2 is 22 months old and is considerably further behind (IMO) than her elder sister was at the same age (she is 17 months older ). I know you shouldn't compare -but it is hard not to.

Just having read the development calander thingy on her and dd2 is definitely more like the description of an 18 month old , not a nearly 2 year old.

Am I being a paranoid neurotic mother?

Aside from this, she is an absolute delight by the way, really affectionate and easy going.

Is she just laid back do you think, and maybe doesn't need to develop the rate her sister does everything for her?

nickytwotimes Wed 25-Feb-09 20:06:40

I am certainly not an expert, but my friends with more than one always say how much longer it seems to take no.2 to talk, etc. Take her along to your HV if you are worried, but if she is 22mths, then she could well be nearer the 2 yr old stage in a couple of months.

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