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ds scared of everything!!!

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haven Sat 26-Mar-05 01:03:23

ds is scared of so many things....just wonder if your tots were too....went to a aligator show...had to leave he was screaming and crying....wouldn't eat a crawfish....(cajun)...wouldn't even touch it...he is almost 22 months old.....and very very sensitive....LOL... he was so upset with the gator show i think because the man was fighting with it...LOL.....

bensmum3 Sat 26-Mar-05 08:41:47

We have the same thing, ds loves stopped/pictures of tractors, but as soon as he hears an engine or a plane he clings to my legs and cries. He is scared of lots of other things too, even other children, I'm sure they will grow out of it though, if we just give them lots of love and reassurance.Ds is 21 months.

saadia Sat 26-Mar-05 09:35:37

My ds, now 3, used to be completely fearless -willing to go in dark rooms, loved looking at aeroplanes in the sky, sitting on kitchen worktop - but now he is constantly saying that things might scare him. He won't play in the garden alone, saying that the aeroplanes might scare him. I think it's just a phase that they grow out of as they are gradually exposed to a wider variety of situations.

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