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15 month old chews toys, books..everything!

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henjen Fri 05-Dec-08 13:08:04

My 15month old dd1 chews toys, books and will put anything in her mouth that she can reach..chews spines of books, paint off wooden toys, if she gets the chance eats wipes, nappies, paper, letters, cd boxes, tv remote, sponges, chews the top of the shampoo bottles, etc etc. She doesnt seem to care if things taste horrible or she has shampoo in her mouth.
She has a rabbit that she chews the ears of when she is wanting comfort or going to sleep and we encourage her in this as it is her comfort thing (The ears used to be soft and fluffy but now are bald and a bit crispy with repeated washing!) The only thing she doesnt seem to be interested in is fabric (except the rabbit). She has never had a dummy.
I can't do anything creative with her as she will lick paint off her hands, eat crayons, pens etc.
At toddler group she seems to find something that will fit in her mouth then wander around with it there and play at the same time.
I have said no but she continues to do and now just waves her pointing finger back and forward like we do so she does recognise its something that mummy doesn't want her to do.
She did go through a phase of biting me (not other people) but I think she has stopped as I recognised she would only do it when she didn't want me to hold her and now know the signs.
What should I do? I am at the end of my tether today and fed up of saying 'no'.

ilovetochatupsanta Fri 05-Dec-08 13:09:29

dd 17 months is the same, i don't worry too much.

chuckeyegg Fri 05-Dec-08 17:36:10

DS is 25 months and only just started to chew less.

dairymoo Fri 05-Dec-08 21:26:16

One of my 15mo DTs is exactly the same - has strange attachments to inappropriate objects (credit card, jam jar lid hmm) and then wags her finget at me saying no no no when I ask her to take said object out of her mouth. And oh the dribble......

dairymoo Fri 05-Dec-08 21:26:56

finger, obviously blush

ToThrottleaRedRobin Sat 06-Dec-08 14:40:22

DD 15months chews everything and puts everything in her mouth. At soft play she picks up food off the floor. Yesterday she picked up a 2p and had that in her mouth shock

Victoria72 Mon 08-Dec-08 13:29:09

DS15mo, exactly the same. Strokes cat and then licks his hand, resulting in black fur all over his tongue. Nice. Pulls the hair from my hairbrush and eats that. Grit, filth, anything on the floor - in the mouth. Drinks soapy bath water too. Obviously a food critique in the making.

Kelix Mon 08-Dec-08 13:40:07

My DD is the same tho only almost 11 months. She does take things out of her mouth when I tell her No but then puts them back in about 2 seconds later! She also loves the shampoo bottles and will scream the house down when I take it off her (god knows how she actually finds the shampoo bottle in the first place?!)

Victoria72 - sorry but shock and lol at the same time at you DS stroking the cat and then licking his hand! You will have to remind him of that one when he is older

I dont really have any advice (sorry) its easy to put things away when at home but at toddler group/outside etc theres only so much you can do. I imagine she (and my DD hopefully) will grow out of it soon. Untill then make sure you have eyes in the back of your head.

MrsBadger Mon 08-Dec-08 13:42:11

absolutely normal

the only thing I would advise is to stop wagging the finger as it drives you insane when they do it back to you

if it is dangerously chokeworthy (eg bottle top) say no and take it away

if it is too precious for chewing (eg dh's bank statement) say no, take it away and put it out of reach

if it is just you going eurgh (newspaper, shampoo bottle, own sock) let her get on with it

it will probably abate once all her teeth are through

The only other thing i can think of is if she's thirsty - apart from anythign else the spout of a sippy cup is a good (safe non-choky, easily washable, portable and socially acceptable) chew toy

StephanieByng Mon 08-Dec-08 14:13:24

Agree it's a normal stage of development. Think it's pointless to say no; if it's not as Mrs B says, chokeworthy, let her get on with it. No point trying to go against nature, cos nature will always win! If she COULD stop, she would have done by now wouldn't she? Let it take it's course - if she's chewing something she shouldn't, replace it with something she can.

henjen Mon 15-Dec-08 21:14:21

Oh well, it sounds like its completely normal. At least I am cheered up by your comments, some of which were actually quite fur and soapy bathwater grin

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