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"she'll be crawling in a week - just you wait and see"

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snickers Thu 13-Mar-03 22:02:46

I began typing this in another thread, but didn't want to hijack it cause I don't have a problem as such...

My DD (nearly 8m) can sit well and will sit and play happily for ages. On her tummy, she can get onto hands and knees and rock. She moves backwards (but not by crawling, but sliding). She has good leg movement, but doesn't get that she could move her hands at all!

She has been doing this for nearly six weeks now, and the moment she started people began saying "oooh - give her a week, and she'll be crawling" I am bored with hearing it now. However, she gets extremely upset and frustrated at her inability to move forward, and none of the "put toys just out of her reach" and "frustration is the key to getting them to crawl" advice seems to help. She just cries and it upsets us both too much to just let her stay there. She is fine once I pick her up and sit her down, or stand her on my knee and let her bounce up and down.

She'll just suddenly get the knack one day right? So, I'll just keep popping her on the floor to "practice" every now and then? I know this is a daft post - but sometimes you just need to hear other people's experiences!

chiccadum Thu 13-Mar-03 22:08:07

Oh snickers, don't worry, both of mine were totally different with crawling, dd1 seemed to take forever and dd2 started crawling overnight. Now dd2 prefers crawling to walking as she can move faster.

Personally I would not put toys out of her reach to make her crawl as it would only infuriate her, how about sitting in front of her with her favourite toy (about 2 or 3 inch away from her) and encouraging her that way.

And yes do not worry at all, before you know it she will be crawling and you will be wanting a few minutes rest.

Have fun

Jimjams Fri 14-Mar-03 08:05:07

snickers- the toy thing worked realy well with my ds2 (crawling at about 9 or 10 monthish) but not at all with my ds1 who crawled at 13 months.

Ds2 also looked like he would be crawling at any moment for ages and ages- he kept going backwards and got really cross in the process. He's now doing the same with walking- since he was about 11 months I've heard "ooh he'll be walking any moment now". He still hasn't takne his first independent steps and he's 14 months now.

You won't find any guidelines on crawling as it caries so much- there isn't a "correct" age for it, and some babies don't crawl at all.

If she's upset I would forget the "practice", but if she's happy to have a go then let her. If the toys out of reach thing isn't working though I'd bin that and just let her have them.

Jimjams Fri 14-Mar-03 08:05:55

varies not caries
I really should preview....

EmmaTMG Fri 14-Mar-03 08:16:45

My DS1 crawled at 7 months and there wasn't really much build up to it, he just did it all of a sudden. DS2 didn't crawl until 11 months and before that he got around by any means possible ie, backwards, rolling, commando belly shuffle, there was allsorts and no matter what we tried he just wouldn't get up on his hands and knees.
I agree that the putting things just out of reach just annoys them even more and after the 2 very different babies I've got I certainly won't worry if No.3 (expecting again) doesn't do at the 'right' time.

futurity Fri 14-Mar-03 09:07:51

My ds crawled at 10 1/2 months and at almost 14 months is still doing sign of walking and I still get the comments from other people and it does my head in! Adam didn't crawl until he was ready...he just did it one day when he felt like it and I expect walking will be the same so dont worry about it (easier said than done I know!)

Claireandrich Fri 14-Mar-03 09:49:03

DD didn't crawl until she was 9 months. One night she couldn't do it, the next morning she crawled across the lounge, and that was it - no stopping her! She has always prefered being on her feet instead and was ruisig the furniture long before crawling.

I wouldn't worry at all. Thet all do things in their own time.

Cecilia Fri 14-Mar-03 14:49:13

My dd is nearly 9 months and showing very little signs of wanting to crawl. I am sure my other 2 were crawling by now but its 10 years since I had the middle one and I can't really remember. However, dd seems very content sitting and playing with her toys and only wants to move when she spies the cat! They are all so different, and I'm sure, as everyone else has said, that your dd will crawl when she wants to. Then there is the whole new world of forbidden objects within reach!

Oakmaiden Fri 14-Mar-03 15:12:52

A lot of babies never crawl at all. Most of those who don't develop a "bum shuffling" technique to help them get about. Some just go straight to walking. Don't worry about it - your dd hasn't read the babycare manuals and is doing things in her own way and at her own pace. Which after all is the only way she can...

whymummy Fri 14-Mar-03 19:20:29

snickers my DS never crawled wich was good as i didn`t have to watch him all the time he started walking at 13 months,don`t worry about it!!

judetheobscure Fri 14-Mar-03 20:13:13

My babies also took ages (3 months? if I remember correctly) between looking like they were about to crawl and finally taking off (via the usual rocking back and forth and then crawling backwards). And to cap it all, dd1 crawled for about a week and then decided to walk instead!

snickers Sat 15-Mar-03 10:48:42

Aw bless you all for your replies! This morning, I just sat her down and she played for ages really happily whilst I got the kitchen tidy! It was very stress free - and it does sound like from most people's experience, they get there in the end (or not!!) and no one ever ends up sitting on the floor forever!!!

Thanks for taking the trouble to reassure me! There's something so lovely about this mumsnet thing isn't there? Real people sharing real experiences - it's a very comforting place to be when you're thinking "ooh - this is all so new!"

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