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DD1 Teenage strops at 5 and dd2 start of terrible 2's!!!!!

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Amberlilli Tue 15-Mar-05 13:36:43

Anyone else with a 5 year old displaying the traits of 'Kevin'.
The constant battles from morning to night have been driving me to tears recently!
My beautiful, bright daughter has metamorphasised into a stroppy, rude child I find hard to like sometimes!
Meanwhile dd2 has started toddler tantrums and I left toodler group early today in tears after she screamed, threw things and hit several other children!!
I was mortified when everybody stared accusingly at me I felt like such a terrible mother.
When they are good they are a delight and I feel so bad when they are tucked up peacefully asleep that I've spent my day shouting and screaming!!

floppsy Thu 17-Mar-05 13:20:21

I know exactly what you mean.My dd1 is 6 & has been using this behaviour for a while i feel im always shouting,she always knows best & anything i say to her is ignored.Dd2 is 2.5 & has to have her own way all the time if she doesnt we have a screaming match.I find it even harder with the two of them together because there's one with attitude & the other one with tantrums,all i hope is that they will grow out of it

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