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Help! 3.5 year old awake till 10pm

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viennesewhirl Thu 16-Oct-08 21:43:14

3.5 is in Kindergarten (we live in Austria) and has to have a nap after lunch there, which means he's wide awake in the evenings. Bedtime has crept later and later until now, where he's falling asleep around 10pm. I tried to put him to bed at 9 tonight and he stayed in his bed without messing around, but didn't actually fall asleep till 10.15. This means I have to wake him in the mornings and he's tired, which means he sleeps very easily after lunch! Kindergarten keeps saying "he's a great sleeper!". At weekends, there are no naps and he's asleep at 7, 7.30. I am at my wits end and can't really see a solution... am expecting baby no. 2 in February and would just love to have eldest in bed while dealing with newborn. Any suggestions?!

Acinonyx Thu 16-Oct-08 22:55:12

Does he really have to have a nap? Would it be OK to have quiet time with a few books or quiet toys instead? Dd is 3 and I have had to tell her childminder not to let her nap because she will be up until 10 or later if she does.

If they refuse, can you take him out and do a lot of physical stuff after kindergarten? Running, bike/trike etc?

Dd was up after 11 pm last night - we actually went to bed before her. I left her with her toys by her bed and she put herself to bed soon after we went.

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