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Schhool anxiety or UTI?

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FangolinaJolly Tue 14-Oct-08 21:30:12

Ds has just started school and apparently settled in well.


In the last week or so he has come home from school 4 times with his spare trousers on as he has weed.Most unlike him as he has been dry for ages.

Last week when he came home he was a bit quiet and on further questionning he sadi he was upset because he was doing a poo (sorry if TMI) on the toilet and other kids banged on the door and told him to hurry up....he does take ages!I am sure he'll be one of those blokes who retires to the bathroom with a newspaper when older..

He also weed when I took him out on Satuirday but I put it down to excitement cos we had been to the fair and just come off the Dodgems,which he loved!!

So anyway,today I got a phone call from school cos it happened again so I took him home and we went to docs who gave us a specimen pot to get sample for UTI.

i PERSONAlly don't think it is,told TA about situation at school,told ds not to worry and put his hand up if he needs a wee but obviously this isn't working.What to do?I know it sounds minor but he is getting distressed by it.

peanutbutterkid Wed 15-Oct-08 20:51:37

UTIs usually hurt a huge amount (males or females) and are accompanied by high fever (esp. in females).

Sounds to me, from what you've writen, like an anxiety thing -- good to get it sorted so that he doesn't get more anxious, though.

RiallyEeRiaee Wed 15-Oct-08 20:59:11

Hi there, I assume your DS has just started infants? (I ask because we have just had to get DS1 - just started secondary - a "toilet pass" from the Head of Year, which means the teachers have to let him use the loo whenever - we used to write letters to the teacher at Primary)

Obviously only the urine test will say whether or not it's a UTI, but DS1 did suffer terribly with nervous weeing after he started school (our GP even tested him for diabetes, but it looks like he's just of an anxious disposition, or he could have inherited it from his Granny!), he used to hate pooing there there was no lock angry on the cubicle door and the others used to barge in. DS2 pooed in his pants in nursery because he was too shy to ask to go.

Presumably he is allowed to go to the loo whenever he asks and it's not limited to playtime and lunch?
I'm not sure about doing it when out with you, maybe excitement as you say.

Sorry for wittering on, what I'm trying to say is DS1 is worse when he is anxious about not being allowed/not knowing where the loo is etc. Reinforce that it's ok to go and the teacher/TA understands, and double check he knows where more than one loo is in school.


notnowbernard Wed 15-Oct-08 21:02:29

I started a thread on this yesterday, FJ!

I'm crap at links blush but was told by wise MNers that it was all totally normal smile

FangolinaJolly Wed 15-Oct-08 22:15:47

Thanks ladies

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