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Developed separation anxiety at 21 months?

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nct73 Thu 02-Oct-08 10:50:36

DD has always been a happy confident child. After initial settling in period of a couple of weeks, she has loved going to nursery which she started at 5 moths for 2 days a week. She gets giddy, runs up the path, big hugs to staff. She used to give me a hug & kiss, wave me goodbye and point to the door. The past 2 weeks she has suddenly not wanted me to leave and started inconsolable wailing. She is still pleased to go & runs in all bouncy but just doesnt want me to leave. Friends dont see this as a problem as their DD/DS have always done this but am finding this sudden change hard. I know she loves it there and is fine within minutes. TRying to comfort her made things worse. Peck & go seems to be working better with the staff doing fun distraction stuff.

This is also effecting her bed time routine. She used to be happy to be left to play for a bit after stories & lights out if not tired then cry for a quick hug before settling to sleep on own in bed. Now she will not be left at all and is fighting sleep, getting herself overtired & upset, standing in bed demanding hugs and when we get her to lie down in bed, demands we put hand on back. It's not just me, it's same for Daddy & even Nana (Just I am only one who does nursery run)

She is still fine at playgroups & in park. Doesn't have problem leaving room to go brew up or loo or bin etc.

Any advice?

BlueBumedFly Thu 02-Oct-08 11:34:36

Nope but I would like to know how other people deal with it. My DD is 17 months and whilst she has never been great with me leaving her at Nursery or with Nana now she is DREADFUL. I have to actually peel her fingers off my jumper which is just dreadful. The Nursery has a one-way mirror thing that I can stand behind and I can see once I am out of sight she is fine.

Very distressing though and I feel awful for my Mum who has her one day a week. I know that she is fine with her but she makes it sound like I am never coming back.

Cannot even go to the loo alone now! However, DD will wander off in the park in the wrong direction and get totally out of sight without a care in the world! What is that all about?

If you get any good ideas I would love to share.

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