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LOL - just had to share these little gems from ds1 ...

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Miaou Tue 23-Sep-08 18:35:49

He is three - doesn't really talk in full sentences yet (though he is getting there). But he knows his numbers, colours, letters etc.

We had this conversation earlier:

Ds (lines up three cars): How many cars I got?

Me: Lets see ... one, two ... (looks at ds to supply the next number)

Ds (rolls eyes): I not do it for you mummy!


Oh, and every night before he goes to sleep, he says "Don't getfer your trousers wet mummy!" Wtf??? grin

TheProvincialLady Tue 23-Sep-08 18:38:04

Aw bless himgrin

DS has just turned 2 and his latest phrase is "OH NO! Terrible mess!" (well, tewbruh mesh) - repeat as many times in a day as you tips jigsaws onto the floor/empty contents of the washing basket etc.

chipmunkswhereareyou Tue 23-Sep-08 22:00:03

I had a classic from ds today. He picked some rose petals from the garden, brought them into the house and sat them at the dinner table declaring 'my flower petals need their dinner mummy'.

He seems to do this sort of thing with a lot of inanimate objects and also sang happy birthday to a plum the other day hmm

Three year olds are mad and it's so cute. I am being a bit, dare I say it given recent threads, PFB about him at the moment blush

Tidgypuds Tue 23-Sep-08 22:12:45

Oh that is so cute, I miss mine being that age although things they say do still tickle me.

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