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2 yo won't go near her dad :(

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pinkfluffyworld Thu 04-Sep-08 14:28:57

Hi my youngest daughter, who is nearly 2.5 won't spontaneously go to her dad - for help, cuddles, food, anything!
He does work pretty much 7 days a week, and we don't see a lot of him - don't do days out, haven't had a fmily holiday this year etc etc however her beahviour is clearly upsetting DH.

Any advice? I can't force her to be picked up for a cuddle - she just screams and kicks him! Is it a bonding issue/separation or just a wilful toddler?? (she has quite a strong character - my 4 yo is much more placid)


bubblagirl Thu 04-Sep-08 18:24:48

well i would create moments they have to be left togethe my ds was the same as dp works away or long hors had to go to local shop and leave them alone and get dp to do something fun blow bubbles on belly or play a game

made more trips out taking longer and eventually ok you cant keep stepping in though as not fair on dp and will allow her to do this more you need to create situations for them to be together even if she creates allow him vchance tio settle her i found worstn thing i could do was keep stepping in as this was teaching ds scream loud enough and i'll remove you from daddy

now they are as close as anythimng they enjoy there time together its still me at bedtime and if unwell opr upset but not against daddy trying and will cuddle with him more and play and i get to go out for few hours and nights out

get a game started with all of you and gradually fade yourself out and leave him alone enjoying time do this bit more and more and she'll get there my ds did main thing when his about you need to leave them alone she may scream when you walk out he door she wont scream all the time i remember being intears walking up the road panicing dp blew bubbles on ds made him laugh chased him tickled him when i got home they were both laughing so much didnt notice i was back lol

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