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Inappropriate weeing!

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thehouseofmirth Sat 30-Aug-08 16:14:48

A few weeks ago DS (3)very proudly presented me with the sugar bowl from his tea set containing a wee he'd done. Stupidly, I laughed as I was actually quite impressed at his accuracy (teeny tiny tea set) but now he's taken to finding new and more exciting vessels to relieve himself in, including all the saucepans from his play kitchen and an empty apple juice bottle (that could have been very bad!)

I thought the novlety would wear off but it hasn't and I'm really fed up with it but I haven't got a clue how to stop it. I've tried explaining why it's not nice but I'm afraid he's a boy and has a revolting streak which finds it funny. I got cross today which is not my style but I just feel I can't ignore it anymore.

Any tips? Please!

Marina Sat 30-Aug-08 16:21:38

Is he just 3 or rising 4? If the latter, I'd explain to him that wee is clean until it leaves the body, at which point germs start to grow in it if it is not sent down the loo where it belongs.

I'd also politely remind him you will be binning anything he wees in.

How about the old ping-pong ball in the loo for target practice if he is Proud of Percy?

(I would have laughed too, sympathies. Dd has a genuinely funny coarse streak and often makes dh swoon while I am stifling sniggers at her inventiveness)

thehouseofmirth Sat 30-Aug-08 16:35:20

He's only just turned 3, Marina. I'm afrad I too have the sense of humour of a three year old boy but now he's started forgetting where he's done it (as opposed before when he was running up to me and saying "guess what Mummy, I've done a wee in my potty, snigger, snigger") I'm a bit irritated at inadvertently coming across one of his deposits.

The germs thing's good idea and we have talked about germs before but when I explained today that flies were yucky because they trod in dog poo and then walked on food he thought that was slaso quite amusing...

Will definitely throw things away and see if that helps adn he's very good at weeing in the loo standing up so maybe a ping pong ball might divert his attention. Thanks!

Marina Sat 30-Aug-08 16:41:07

You could use these or save money by drawing pictures of Big Cook, Little Cook/Granny Murray/Sarah Jane on plain ones wink

thehouseofmirth Sat 30-Aug-08 19:00:21

Tee hee, I am loving your customisation suggestion. Might even have a "go" myself...

bigboydiditandranaway Sat 30-Aug-08 21:16:30

how funny! i'm potty training ds 2.6yrs and he pees in the vacinity of the potty, sometimes doesn't even gets anything in it but puddles around it grr!

sure it will pass, boys!!!!!

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