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What do you do to occupy your 2.5 yr olds !! a plee for help!!

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moocowmrs Thu 31-Jul-08 20:54:15

Looking for inspiration really, had a fairly stressful day with ds 2.5 trying to keep him happy and occupied, we painted and chalked for a while, played cars for a bit, read some books and messed about outside !! How do you entertain yours, we also do cooking, gluing and sticking. he doesn't settle to much for long, so it can be quite hard, we can walk as well but don't live close to anywhere to walk too as such like a play ground or anything. Any suggestion for one very frazzled mummy !!

dustyteddy Thu 31-Jul-08 20:57:37

do you have a surestart centre nearby? Ours has days out and groups on for the summer. Mostly free or cheap. I also have a 2.8 year old, so I know that frazzled mummy feeling very well!

merryandmad Thu 31-Jul-08 21:09:07

What about going on the bus/train?
We have just had a bus stop put at the end of our road and our dd's absolutley love it? I know another mum who gets on a circular when she has had enough of her ds and he loves it too!
My dd's love the novelty of it and love spotting things as they go past. Reasonably cheap idea + can get you to other places aswell.

swallowthree Thu 31-Jul-08 21:13:05

The ideal is a bit of entertaining themselves some of the time. It helps if I look busy with housework and ask for some help. Sometimes he likes joining in - sometimes he scarpers into his room to play with his dinosaurs - brilliant.

Are you close enough for a potter round shops or a visit to the library ? A bus journey to and from can be a rest and entertaining.

You can't be entertainment officer all the time - let him be bored and let him find some things for himself. You need a break now and again.

batdog Fri 08-Aug-08 21:34:55

Mine likes anything messy (of course). If you have a garden or if not then a washing up bowl full of soil will do-either just let them move soil from one pot to another or bury little plastic toys etc for them to find.

CantSleepWontSleep Fri 08-Aug-08 22:03:46

Invite friends round to play or go out. Never attempt a whole day in on my own with my dd!

scully Sun 10-Aug-08 10:00:00

I agree with Swallow, they need to learn how to entertain themselves sometimes as well. My dd2 is also 2.5 and sometimes she plays with dd1, who is 6, other times she does her own thing, at other times she comes to find me to entertain her.
A bus ride is a good idea, most kids love public transport, especially if it's a bit of a novelty, or storytime at the local library. Doesn't have to cost anything but stops the cabin fever and clinginess that can wear you down

Dynamicnanny Sun 10-Aug-08 10:57:21

I tend to do 1 activity a day whether it's

- the sure start art club which my lot love
- a trip to the library on the bus
- a train ride and a cake at the other station before coming home
- a friends house for coffee/juice
- a visit to the shop/post office
- a visit to the charity shop and buy a bag of mcdonald toys for £1 or a couple of books for £1 - keeps them occupied

But at home my ones have always known how to keep themselves occupied and I often put things out in the garden
- a box of toys
- a pot of water and a paintbrush
- chalks/crayons/paper
- dressing up clothes

UniS Sun 10-Aug-08 12:20:09

he "helps" with putting washing into box, into machine, out of machine etc, "helps" make beds- can turn into bouncing on bed, tickle session tho. making bread/ cooking generaly.Washing up ( messy and wet). We watch the odd video/ Cbeebies if at home all day ( ie soaking wet day) we walk to post box, take his bike for a ride round the block. go to play with other children, go to playground. If I'm desperate, I'll strap him intobike trailer and go for a ride.
I do expect him to amuse himeslf some of the time with trains and lego and random stuff like cardboard tubes, balls and blankets.
Still have days when I'm counting down the hours till I see another grown up.

babyinbelly Sun 10-Aug-08 15:18:08

my 2yo loves dressing in my clothes and waddling round in my shoes! why not try a dressing up box. Also loves the garden and playing with the dog. Can you borrow someones for a day that he can throw a ball for. Toddlers never tire of dogs.

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