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stubborn refusal to pee... anyone have experience of this?

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Aefondkiss Sun 20-Jul-08 19:55:37

or poo in the potty/toilet.

should I persevere? I want to keep trying a.t.m, I am relaxed, I have lots of time, patience, determination, I don't mind accidents, I just worry I am doing more harm than good.

my ds is 4 years old, he has a language delay and possible ASD (I know I could put this in SN but I am hoping for as many experience/suggestions as possible).

I put my ds in pants on Wednesday, he had a few successes but from Thursday 7 p.m until Friday 2p.m no pee, he just held onto his willy - I got the water table out, so he could play with water, then sprinkled water on his legs and he had a pee, then later I put him in the bath, he stood up and did a huge pee.

Saturday was the same, baths (well ankle deep water) and ds stood up and did huge pees in the potty (me holding potty so he could pee in it), same again today.

To get ds to sit on the potty I let him have a chocolate star, just for sitting. We have a sticker chart, which isn't of much interest, but I am still giving him a sticker for the stand up pees in the bath.

I have cut back on suggesting he uses the potty, even if he is wriggling. No wet nappies (in the morning), no wet pants during the day.

Aefondkiss Sun 20-Jul-08 22:43:15


TheRealPhartiphukborlz Sun 20-Jul-08 22:45:04

can he step up to the loo? since he is 4, perhaps the potty is too low down

Aefondkiss Sun 20-Jul-08 22:59:47

he used to use the loo, inconsistently , is quite happy to flush it, but now refuses to pee in it.

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