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1 yr old not waving or pointing

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McGill Wed 16-Jul-08 08:14:27

hello, paranoid mother wee one is a smiley, active happy thing, almost walking, enjoys all the usual games, but has never waved or pointed...discussed with my GP who felt he was OK in everything else so not to worry - any other mums have 1 yr olds not doing that? Just need reassurance! Also, we have just moved house and thus nursery (2 days per week) and he has been quite unsettled - crying when we are not in view, waking at night crying....anyone have any idea how long it normally takes to settle...I know every wee one is different but any experiences would be gladly heard as slowly going insane with lack of sleep! ta!

chuckeyegg Wed 16-Jul-08 09:17:19

My son who is 20 months only started clapping, waving and pointing at 18 months. He also became very clingy at about a year, I'm waiting for this stage to stop still.

Hope this has put your mind at rest I'm sure he's fine.

Helen xxx

cyberseraphim Wed 16-Jul-08 09:50:05

12 months is a bit young to worry - esp if you feel he joins in games etc. Does he lift his arms to you to pick him up and does he usually respond to his name?

Kewcumber Wed 16-Jul-08 09:54:56

mine didn't start all that until about 15-18 months too.

KT14 Wed 16-Jul-08 20:43:11

My DS1 was late with pointing and waving - about 18 months or so (and it looks like it was an early indicator of communication issues for him, although it can be perfectly normal development in other children so don't panic) but I am modelling it like crazy for DS2 and he seems to be picking it up at 11 months. Clapping has been going on for about a month, waving indiscriminately for a few weeks and pointing only just starting now.

If your son is able to communicate in other ways, is responsive to you, with good eye contact, brings things to show you or holds them out to share, responds to name etc I really wouldn't worry at this stage. Can he follow a point when you point at things? Hold his hand to show him how to point and wave, and keep pointing things out to him. He'll probably copy you very soon.

meep Wed 16-Jul-08 20:47:17

my dd is 1 and she doesn't wave and doesn't point. I am not worried. She does other things that my friends 1yo's don't!

Oh and she is clingy mcclingy at the moment! Squeals if i dare to leave the room and not take her with me. Goes into meltdown if I even glance at another child!

don't worry!

IAteRosemaryConleyForBreakfast Wed 16-Jul-08 20:50:02

DS (12 months) started waving around 10 months but was really inconsistent until very recently. He sort of points in a wafty kind of way but I'm suspicious I'm actually just imagining it. And he hasn't got the vaguest idea about clapping. Just looks at me like hmm!

Am (fairly) sure he's normal if that helps grin

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