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Can a 6 month old have developed fear?

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pamelat Sun 13-Jul-08 10:12:05

My little girl is 25 weeks old, despite lots of tummy related minor issues (reflux), she has always been quite a jolly soul. She doesnt scare easily, for example, she loves swimming and we have even gone under the water with her and she is ok about things like that, loves bath time etc.

However, last night she pooed in the bath (whilst in there with my husband). He didnt handle the situation brilliantly and in his panic he held her away from him and was shouting me, several times over. She got really scared and by the time I was upstairs, she was really crying and it took a lot of cuddles and reassurance to calm her down. She was fine with both of us 10 minutes later.

However, despite sleeping through the night for 3 weeks or more, she woke crying last night at 2am, very difficult to re-settle. Woke crying again at 4, and then again at 6 and is fairly unhappy today.

I think that she has developed fear of the unknown, but I think 6 months is a bit early for this?

She has also started kind of 'grunting' at anything which is vaguely unfamiliar to her and looking to me for reassurance, such as when she sees our cat.

I suppose I am wondering whether this is normal?

I know 6 months is a bit young for anxiety (she probably learns it from me!), anyone else had similar experiences?

Also in the last week or so, she generally cries when left by herself for a few seconds, particulary in her cot. Even if she then falls to sleep pretty much instantly there is a cry when we go to leave the room?

Is it too young for nightmares?

Luxmum Sun 13-Jul-08 12:13:58

Well I'd imagine that yes, they can learn/know fear at that age, certainly they don't like you leaving them, my DS gets very upset if I am out of sight for seemingly a second. I think it;s simply attachment enxiety - ie they feel safe with you, so don't like being away from you. rather than actual nightmares. Just make sure you remain calm in all situations and dont panic like your DH did!

pamelat Sun 13-Jul-08 18:45:15

Thank you Luxmum, I suppose I was just worried that she was re living the bath experience in the form of night terrors.

She pooed again in the bath tonight (but this time I was the lucky co bather!). I called my husband and she started to panic again, so I made it in to a game and she was fine - although I dont want to encourage it, bless her.

Will see how tonight goes, maybe last night was wind or teething.

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