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Ok, it might have been asked before, but,any advce re moving dd from cotbed to...

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yousaidit Fri 11-Jul-08 20:39:56

... a toddler bed?

I know there isn't an set timeor age they should have this done by, but I'm 6m pg with dc2 and i bought dd a toddler bed from Ikea (the one that extends to full length) so i can pinch her cotbed back for dc2. However, dd is a late walker, she's 19m and recently broke her leg just as she was getting confidentr at cruising. She is back on her feet, thankfully, and has so far taken a grand total of three steps by herself, whereas if she can hold you fingers she will trot about fr a little while. Sleeping habits so far (fingers crossed) are brilliant, has a set bedtime and routine, goes in her cotbed awake (but geting a bit sleepy but not totally zonked) so she is used to going to lseep by herself in an empty room. I don't keep toys in her bedroom, but she does have a few large teddies she's accumulated but just likes her 'Boing' (baby rabbit) to snuggle up with in the cot. So, when should i move her? Any tips? Help me out, wise mumsnetters! I'm hoping to make this pleasent for dd, dh and me!!! grin (ps, we would be having a babygate on the door as we can't fit a babygate on the steps to the loft as the stairtcae is a wierd old fit and dd loves lurking in the bathroom!!

castille Fri 11-Jul-08 20:45:04

I'd keep her in the cot as long as possible, particularly if she's a nervous walker.

Can you buy/borrow a moses basket or crib to buy yourself some time with the cot?

girliefriend Fri 11-Jul-08 20:58:24

I would def wait till she is at least 2 and to be honest with a new baby and toddler you may want to keep her contained in the cot for a little bit longer. Once they are into a bed it doesn't take them long to realise they can get out and running about is lots more fun than sleeping! I think you may be as well to invest in another cot bed IMO then you don't have to worry about it! XxX

yousaidit Fri 11-Jul-08 20:59:38

Yes, thanks, I'm toying with the idea of telling dh that he might end up having to get a moses baskety on way to pick me up from hospital when i have the dc2!! I thought i'd just test the water and see if someone had an outrageously easy answer!!!! I don't want to put her in a new scenario she's not confident with, so won't be pushing her to go to the bed before she's ready, just see how confident she gets with her walking smile

desperatehousewifetoo Fri 11-Jul-08 21:26:49

Could you borrow a cot or moses basket? Or try freecycle?

You could try the toddler bed with an extra bed guard. As long as your dc is confidently turning round to get down feet first.

Both of my dcs moved into their cot bed at about 2years but you should go with your gut feeling especially as you have another arriving soon!

yousaidit Fri 11-Jul-08 21:32:21

Thanks everyone, Desperatehousewifetoo, dd does climb on to sofa when we're sat there and is quite good at lowering herself back off it, and tbh i think the sofa is higher than the toddler bed would be, so I'm not overly convcerned with regards to safety about her clambering out, as liuckily the one thing about her being a late walker is at least she (usually) can put her thinking cap on before she sets off anywhere!

SlowDown Fri 11-Jul-08 22:44:53

Hello. My dc2 is 20 months and I decided the other day to give her a pillow in her cot, with the idea that it might help the transition to a bed. (Think they say that's okay after 12 months don't they?) Not that there's any rush for us to move her with no more babies on the way. But it does make her cot seem a bit more 'bed-like'! I would advise getting a moses basket. I got one for my dd from a car-boot sale extremely cheaply with a stand! That would give you 5/6 more months before needing to move your dd. We moved ds just after 2 and after a week or so of stress it all worked out fine! Those extendable beds are a great idea btw. We're going to end up with 2 of those I think. Our bedrooms are small and lucky we have small children! Good luck.

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