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jbadgirl Thu 03-Feb-05 13:03:26

Ill try to be brief but this is our story so far!

Ds born 4 weeks early as he had stopped growing inside me, weighed 4lb 3oz. Went home 6 days later and saw the HV who weighed him and he had lost about 10% of birth weight, she left it for a couple of days and then weighed him again, still no gain.
She refered us to the hospital to check there were no other problems and on admission his temperature dropped, he was taken to special care and in there for 2 weeks had a ultrasound of his brain and an eeg. These were not 100% normal but thought it could be the result of his temperature dropping. They were also concerned about some abnormal movements he was having and his nystagmas.

Once home he was feeding well but after a couple of weeks this went downhill and he started crying during feeds. After about 6 weeks of coping with his awkward feeding he was admitted to hospital again as i was worried that he hadnt had much milk in the last 24 hours.
Ds stayed in for about 2 weeks again and had even more tests done...mri scan, chromasome tests, eeg, we also saw loads of specialists...speech and language therapist, development consultant, nutritionist, orthoptist, genetisist.

We have been referred to the child development centre which we went to yesterday for his assesment. They looked at the fact he is not smiling, cooing or following toys etc. He is now 15 wks (11 corrected).

On monday we have an appointment with the pead, so hopefully we will get some answers to all the tests.

I know i have rattled on and i hope you guys dont find it too long! I really enjoy looking through threads on mn and find it so good to get advise and give my advise too!

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