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Climbing the percentiles to 98th...

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CathFin Wed 11-Jun-08 13:07:42

Hi - my 15 week DD has just jumped from the 91st to 98th percentile - just stressing about whether this is 'okay'?? I'm getting rather stressed by people going on about how 'big' she is. She is mostly bf but I started giving her formula in the evening as I was getting knackered with the demand feeding - she is also feeding 8 times a day - even though I'm attempting to stretch time between feeds she still manages to get 8!

Any reassuring thoughts on whether she is going to keep heading off the scale and whether I should be doing anything different?

nellieloula Wed 11-Jun-08 14:37:33

Hello - all I would say is that b'f babies are rarely overweight and to really bear in mind that there is an enormous growth spurt at 4 months, which may account for the increased gain. To be honest, I really wouldn't worry - you're doing great and she is still so little. BOth my DC's were feeding similarly at this age I think - doesn't sound too ridiculous for b'f babies. They do tend to eat a lot more regularly than bottle fed ones - I would wait until you get past this big spurt and things settle down before you start trying to draw times between out - it will all calm down I promise! try not to worry and ignore all the comments and advice is what I would say!

ShowOfHands Wed 11-Jun-08 14:39:56

The feeding sounds normal ime.

My exclusively bf dd was born on the 50th centile and soon leapt up until she was eventually just above the top line and there she has stayed. Now she's walking she's no longer chubby, just tall and well built.

Some babies are big, some are small, many fall somewhere in the middle. If she's happy and healthy then I'd just follow her lead.

MannyMoeAndJack Wed 11-Jun-08 15:35:34

My ds was born 5.5wks premature and started life (for weight) on the 50th centile. I can vividly recall the HV telling me at the time that he was 'born Mr. Average'....however, within 6/8mths his weight (all muscle, no spare flesh at all!) was on the 98% centile, where it has stayed for years - he is now 5.5yrs old.

Elmosgirl Wed 11-Jun-08 15:37:05

Also bear in mind that the percentile charts are based on babies who are formula fed.

ShowOfHands Wed 11-Jun-08 15:43:05

Percentile charts aren't based on formula fed children iirc Elmosgirl.

CathFin Wed 11-Jun-08 17:16:53

Thanks - the health visitor really wound me up - she had nothing useful to say, wasn't at all reassuring, and instead worried me by saying that I should try to stop the trend increasing. She really is awful - some of the hv's are really good but this one has set me off every time I've seen her - last time she suggested I might have thrush so I had that to worry about (when I didn't).

Wish they didn't have these charts as I don't think they are helpful at all!

DragonsEye Wed 11-Jun-08 17:22:39

fgs, it drives me nuts when health professionals worry you about babies' weight. dropping DOWN the centile chart may be more worrying, but going UP it? at 15 weeks? that can only be a good thing.

my ds was way, way off the centile charts at that age - I knew he was thriving and healthy - the HV's and GP's decided they wanted to test him for giantism!! i refused and now at 5 he is a gorgeous, lean, tall boy. no probs at all.

YOU know your dd is fine cath, she may well head off the chart but she is just a bonnie baby - lucky you!

sonnyoutlook Wed 11-Jun-08 17:56:05

hi cath

i'm just back from my sons 8wk check and I also got told off for his weight and that I was feeding too much - he's bottle fed.
Yes he's a big baby - in the top centile for weight, height and head circ. but my DH and I are tall and wellbuilt (I'll never be a 'size 0').
When the HV told the doctor how much DS was feeding he threw his hands up shook his head and then put his head in his hands and I was told to take our DS to the weight clinic - dont think so!!
DS is thriving, when he was fed less he wanted fed every 1 - 2 hrs day and night and cried quite alot as he was just hungry now he's such a happy baby and only cries when he needs changed or wants a cuddle and 'wimpers' when its near feeding time.
I just had to tell myself - these centiles are just averages and I cannot accept the onesize fits all scenario. If baby is healthy, well and thriving thats all that matters. x

dylsmum1998 Wed 11-Jun-08 19:03:39

i wouldnt worry my ds was big as in off the charts in height and almost off in weights, when he hit 3 he slowed down he's still one of the tallest in the class but he's not fat/chubby in the slightest i have trouble getting clothes for his height that dont fall down!

i had a health visitor when he was a baby tell me he was fat i fed him too much blah blah. to be honest i just went to a diff clinic wink where they kept an eye oon his weight- but also his height too and decided he's fine

now i have opposite with dd she's always been very slight. again one health visitor panicking me that she's too small, so again i have found one i like and go to see her

i wouldnt worry at all, be proud of yourself your obviousky feeding her well and producing all the right nutrients in your breastmilk to feed your baby. thats a great thing grin

Haylstones Wed 11-Jun-08 19:17:12

I started a thread about this last week as my 15 week old is so big (about 21lb and way off the chart). He is the same weight now that dd was about 9 months and I'm not doing anything differently; tbh I'm probably feeding him less- at least 8 times a day so don't worry! I'm exc breastfeeding and the HVs were muttering about a hormone problem. I eventually calmed down and realised I didn't think anything was wrong but went to the GP to be reassured. He said there is nothing wrong with him and he is just a big boy- any issues that could cause excessive weight gain are normally apparent in other ways, none of which are evident in ds.

CathFin Wed 11-Jun-08 19:43:48

Well I don't need to go for a weigh in so I will leave it now until whenever and just be happy whenever anyone tells me how huge she is! TBH I was a biffer when I was a baby and thinned out when I started walking, it just suprises me when hv's pass negative comments - as if us mum's don't have enough to stress about without worrying about overfeeding!

Thanks for info that others are feeding every 1-2 hours as well! Wish there were less of these books around suggesting baby's can go 4 hours between feeds as that just doesn't fit with my model!

dylsmum1998 Wed 11-Jun-08 20:03:37

neither of mine managed to go that long betwen feeds. ds was bottle fed and went 2-3 hours between feeds and had more than the expected amount of ounzes.

dd was breastfed and fed every hour or so, sometimes more. i think especially with breastfeeding you should feed on demand

StellaWasADiver Wed 11-Jun-08 20:06:59

Don't get him weighed if you are not worried! My DS was on the 9th centile at birth and shot up to the top of the 75th, he is a beautiful, chubby, healthy little baby, he is also on the 75th for height so I am not going to worry one bit.

You are doing great with the feeding, look what your milk is doing for him! My DS fed around 2 hourly at that age so don't worry about frequency or how much he feeds

SpecialOffer Wed 11-Jun-08 20:09:05

My son has always been on the 98 centile, we always get - "hes how old??????" Oh hes a big boy!! He never went more than 3 hours in between feeds, and now he is 11mo he eats loads (and he self feeds).

I get lots of comments from hv, but he eats healthy and I think he is in proportion with his height, but they hardly ever measure him so how would they know!!

kateeetee Thu 17-Jul-08 19:34:27

Hi all. I'm new to this, so don't know what many things mean - dd, ds etc. Anyhow, my boy was 8,10 when born, and is now off the centile charts. He doubled his birth weight in five weeks. All the HVs freaked out about it and have been convinced there's something wrong. I've stopped going to baby clinic as a result. Went to a paediatricin, who was not concerned. Said he's a big boy. Don't worry. Also said that those growth charts are SO out of date, they don't relate to our height and size any more. He's now 20 weeks and about 11kg. Was bf until a week ago. Family doctor still not convinced he's alright, so paediatricin going to blood test him for various hormone things. Although she says he's not displaying any symptoms at all. He's happy and healthy, so I'm confident. Will let you know how it goes.

misdee Thu 17-Jul-08 19:40:11

kateetee, try not to worry. i have my dd2 (second daughter) book here with me. she is now 5years old.

she was born weighing 9lb.sometime between 30 weeks and 41 weeks old she lept from between the 91st/98th line to over the 99.6th line. two squares above it. before that her weight flucuated between the 91st and 7th, then up to between the 98/99th line again.

i was actually told to put her on a diet b the HV. i refused. her height has always corresponded with her weight.

she is now 5, tall and lean for her age, but still on the top line. ics in profile.

janeashersbookofspacecakes Thu 17-Jul-08 19:42:53

I doubt there's a problem. Our dd was similar. We did give her a dummy till 5 months as she was such a 'sucky' baby. We thought that some of the time she needed to suck more than she needed the milk.

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