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is it possible for 11mth old ds to have teething pain only at night??

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linnyNollaig Mon 10-Jan-05 21:49:45

hi all... need some help and advice,PLEASE..
DS now 11mths and tooth no 7 pushing through..
is in great form all day but at night seems to be in terrible discomfort with teething pain.. as a result am giving him pain relief at night but am worried that he's now becoming dependant on it to sleep?? have tried nights without giving him anything and he screams the house down,, no problem settling himself to sleep but wakes after hour or two screaming and appears to be in agony,
this has been going on for weeks now with only few nights passing that he doesn't need anything..
was sleeping all night up untill 5.5 mths when his 1st tooth came through.. since then he wakes a couple of times a night. some nights a sip of water is enough to settle him back to sleep but most of the time it isn't now..
have tried leaving him cry for a while but he only gets more and more distressed, and feel a bit cruel because i really feel he is in pain..
any advice?? anyone??

nailpolish Mon 10-Jan-05 21:52:09

maybe during the day he gets distractions for the pain, and doesnt really notice it as much. bit like yourself, pain etc is always worse at night? i would continue to give him the pain relief just now if you are sure he has a tooth coming through as its agony for them

Clayhead Mon 10-Jan-05 21:56:33

I would say that's perfectly normal, as nailpolish says, it's worse when you lie there at night with no distractions.

I have worried that it becomes the norm to give pain relief when you seem to have given them something every night for weeks but then it always settles again. Is it a molar? I have always found dd & ds worse with molars.

I agree with nailpolish, I would continue whilst the pain is still there. Good luck and sympathy!

linnyNollaig Mon 10-Jan-05 22:10:30

Thanks girls.. yes am sure he's teething as he al;so has very bad nappy rash which he always presents with when theres one on the way,
its top front tooth, ah he's such a happy little lad all day, its awful to see him in pain, it breaks my heart.
just feel like im druging him up or something or that ill do him some damage (crazy feelings or what??)!!!!
motherhood eh.. constant worry..
and my mum reckons it never ends worrying about yor kids!!

Utka Mon 10-Jan-05 22:30:13

Interested to see this one as I'm having the same issue with DD2 aged 10 months. She is the most contented baby during the day - sits and plays whilst I get on with things, really smiley and only seems to cry if she rolls over and bumps her head, or is getting peckish.

Come the evening however, it's a different story. She's very good at settling off to sleep (thumb sucker, plus favourite teddy), and goes to bed at 6.30ish. But I can guarantee that by 11pm she will have woken 3-4 times, at intervals of about an hour, screaming as if in pain.

I have wondered whether it is indigestion - whether something she's had at tea (or even lunch?) could be causing a reflux type problem. She has no problems with her after lunch nap (approx 2 hours), and is fine after about 11pm (going through until about 6.30am). It's just the evening session.

It seems to make no difference if there's noise in the house or it's quiet, whether I give her protein at lunch/tea or plain veg.

I don't think it can be teeth as she has her first 8 and had them all by the age of 6 months!

I am tempted to let her shout it out, but have a lightsleeping DD1; plus, DD2 is such a sweetie during the day that I feel bad doing this. It's not like she's a clingy child, or one who grizzles lot.

Any ideas? Thanks

linnyNollaig Mon 10-Jan-05 22:44:50

hi utka
do you end up givig her pain relief or does it just run its course as night progresses?
Last night i tried sitting it out with pain relief and the poor little pet was even moaning in his sleep..
so tonight i gave him med before bed and he's sleeping peacefully...(touching wood as i type)

californiagirl Tue 11-Jan-05 03:14:06

Could it be an ear infection? They're worse lying down.

Utka Tue 11-Jan-05 19:00:49

I had wondered about an ear infection, but she's got no temperature, and she's eating like a horse! Also, I'm suspicious that she's so sunny during the day.

The only thing I can connect it with is that I've just given up b/f. It was down to one feed (first thing in the morning), but I suppose she could be missing that. However, she has her teddy in easy reach.

She always settles when I pick her up - usually I just have to cuddle her for a few seconds, then I put her back down, she grabs teddy, the thumb goes in and she's off again for the next hour or two.

I wouldn't mind so much but DD1 is not sleeping well either at the moment, due to ongoing eczema, and DH works away Mon to Fri, so I am not getting much sleep!

somebody Wed 12-Jan-05 07:01:04

Message withdrawn

Utka Wed 12-Jan-05 13:50:50

thanks for that, somebody.

Went to the HV today to get her weighed and mentioned it. HV suggested that she may be hungry - she won't take much formula during the day, but wants a huge amount of water when she wakes up during the evening. HV said she could be filling up with water, which would explain why she then goes ok from 11pm ish to morning, after an unsettled evening.

She suggested that I give her a biggish snack mid afternoon, so that I can push tea later, and try to make sure that she takes at least 15oz milk during her 3 feeds, plus the rest as yoghurt etc. She also said I might need to give her more protein at tea, as veg and yoghurt wouldn't be filling enough. So I'm going to try this and see what happens.

linnyNollaig Sat 15-Jan-05 13:08:41

Thanks "somebody"!
you know its always nice to know that you're not the only one, anyone i've asked seem to have the perfect babies that sleep all night and dont have trouble teething.
D.s has had awful trouble with each tooth coming through.. Gets chest infection, and diahorrea with each one, poor little pet.. ah well we,ve 7 down which leaves how many to go?
anyway, gotta smile and soldier on i guess

somebody Sun 16-Jan-05 12:01:32

Message withdrawn

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