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Could ds 3 bad behaviour be adhd?

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kittiebiddy Thu 04-Oct-07 12:46:35

My Ds 3 has had motor probs, he eventually walked at 2.5, he still has weak limbs & trunk area but is getting stronger. We now find a whole different set of probs with his behaviour. We thought it was a defense mech with not being walking but he's a nightmare, he's no self control, he constantly attack his sister in unprovoked attacks, he throws whatever he's holding in any direction getting to the point we can't take toys out as there's a chance he might throw them at other people, he just laughs when I try naughty corners & steps he laughs at me.Someone who knows him quite well suggested adhd, is he to young to be dianosed with this?

ChantillyLace Thu 04-Oct-07 19:49:57

I have spoken to the ADHD society about a family member and they wont start testing them or even considering ADHD until they're 7 years old.

They told me that "it'll just be the way they express themselves" or "give it time but highly unlikely thewy will end up with ADHD" (not sure how they know that!

But with any major worries with children perhaps you should go and see the doctor and put your mind at rest.

jellyhead Thu 04-Oct-07 20:02:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nurseyemma Thu 04-Oct-07 20:06:55

he' s little too young in reality or you could be experiencing what's known as the prodromal stage which is the stage with indications that he may be on the way to developing ADHD.

However it's really important not to jump to this conclusion at this age. ADHD has to be pervasive (IE present in all settings school and home) and can only really be diagnosed when learning/developmental needs are taken into considreation as well. His behaviour sounds problematic but not out of the ordinary for a strong willed and feisty 3 yr old. Also there's a general misconception that ADHD is about aggression and violence when infact it's about inattention, impulsivity and heyperactivity which can be present without aggression. The first line treatment for kids with ADHD in this country is behavioural management rather than medication. It's worth looking doing a web search of your local chiuldrens centres to see what parenting groups they offer. Tyr the search term Webster-Stratton as this is the most evidence based and useful parenting programme about right now.

I get lots of parents coing to get a diagnosis of ADHD for their kids when it actual fact often the behaviour is rooted in other contexts (I'm a nurse therapist for children with emotional and behavioural problems).

It might be worth asking for a referral to child psychology just to have a comprehensive assessment.

Best of luck!

kittiebiddy Fri 05-Oct-07 14:29:24

Thanks, Because of other probs with him He is still being seen every 6 months by a paediatrition, I think your right he may need a pshyc assesment. I've just had another incident today whereby he scratched a friends dd really badly, gave him into trouble, left the play area which resulted in him being really upset, went back out with him warned him about hitting,he went back & hit again. He seems to have no concept of what he's doing that He'll be punished for it. I've had to put him in his room so that I can compose myself & then deal with him again.

loopylou6 Sat 06-Oct-07 10:09:39

my firend has a nearly 2 year old who has just seen a paediatrition for his problems which include headbanging, crying all the time not sleeping at night etc, oh and he doesnt talk either, the doc suggested adhd or autism, he is now being referred to more specialised people.

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