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Thumbsucking....what age do they start?

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Tipex Thu 20-Sep-07 20:21:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sleepfinder Thu 20-Sep-07 20:23:59

How old is he?

Mine had a go when we first removed his dummy. He was 6 - 8 wks old. But he didn't remember it or how to put it in his mouth it had just sort of happened.

As soon as he had more control of his hands his thumb went in (I can't remember when exactly but probably around 6 months) and its not come back out again yet. He just turned 1.

He does it if he's relaxed sometimes and other when he's upset and trying to calm himself. I'm not going to worry about it or make an issue. I'm sure he'll stop at some point.

cece Thu 20-Sep-07 20:25:06

DS started with in first few weeks or months but well before he could sit up.

TheQueenOfQuotes Thu 20-Sep-07 20:26:19

DS2 started 2 finger sucking quite young (couple of weeks at most IIRC). DS3 was trying to find his hands but only in the last 5-6 weeks has succeeded (he's 17weeks old now. However, he's happy to suck whatever part of his hand hits his mouth first - so sometimes it's a thumb, sometimes one finger, sometimes two, a whole fist, thumb from one hand and finger from other (you get the drift).....

NotADragonOfSoup Thu 20-Sep-07 20:28:36

DS1 found it at 4 weeks and hasn't stopped. He's 8.5

I'm utterly delighted that neither DS2 or BabyDragon found theirs.

Jas Thu 20-Sep-07 20:30:13

DD2 was 8 months. She didn't even try before that, but I stopped bf at 8 months and she started sucking her thumb within a few days.

Botbot Thu 20-Sep-07 20:30:55

DD discovered her thumb at 17 weeks. 14 months old now and still very much at it.

Tipex Thu 20-Sep-07 20:32:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheQueenOfQuotes Thu 20-Sep-07 20:32:57

DS2 is nearly 4 and only sucks his fingers now when he's tired or upset.

TheBlonde Thu 20-Sep-07 20:34:36

DS was only at most 2 mths
DD started later around 4 mths

pinkyminky Thu 20-Sep-07 20:37:40

My DD was thumbsucking on her 20 week scan and has done ever since! Not all the time, obviously.. my DS had a go when he was tiny but never took it up, sounds a bit like your little one.
Agree with sleepfinder about not making an issue of it. I was forced to stop sucking my thumb and immediately started biting my nails and have found it impossible to quit.

haychee Thu 20-Sep-07 20:41:54

DD1 sucked her thumb when i took her dummy away at age 4 months. Id noticed she was becomming really dependant on the dummy and decided to get rid of it asap. She found her thumb straight away.
She has sucked it ever since but only really when she is in bed or just dozing. She is 7 btw.

RustyBear Thu 20-Sep-07 20:42:22

DD was another one who was thumbsucking on the scan & according to the midwife actually came out with it in her mouth (which was why I had so many ** stitches...)
She still sucks it & she'll be 18 next February.

pinkyminky Thu 20-Sep-07 20:46:23

ah rusty bear, DD was born thumbsucking- planned c section and she was there all curled up asleep!

jellybelly25 Fri 21-Sep-07 01:32:52

dd2 has been trying really hard to suck her thumb since about 6 weeks old. I prefer the idea of a dummy (dd1had a dummy never had any interest in thumb and it was easy to get ridof)

dd2 will determinedly pull dummy out of mouth and stick her thumb in instead, has been doing so since about 10 weeks. despite my best attempts to stop her she seems to love it hmm

although in the night i can hear her start to squeak a little then she sucks a bit and goes quiet so maybe its'not such a bad thing... wink

escuse bad typing its our anniversary had a few beer/wines/tia marias dp now asleep on sofa

Egypt Fri 21-Sep-07 05:26:36

ooo thumbs much better than dummy i say - they can soothe themselves instead of you getting up umpteen times in the night. saying that dd2 has a dummy, but i'd love her to find her thumb.

ok, so harder to get them to stop, but why bother? i'm 32 and still indulge now and again blush

NotAnOtter Fri 21-Sep-07 05:39:23

my daughter started at 4 years!

anniemac Fri 21-Sep-07 10:40:54

Message withdrawn

pinkyminky Sat 22-Sep-07 12:10:06

IMHO thumbs definitely better. they can't do other things when they have a thumb in, so you don't get those awful situations where the child is busy playing and sucking on a dummy when they should be babbling/ talking about what they're doing instead.

christywhisty Sat 22-Sep-07 12:53:31

my DD was thumbsucking on her scan and found her thumb the night she was born and was 10 last week and still sucking her thumb in her sleep, or when she is tired or upset.
My son had a dummy and was finished with completely by the time he was 2.
You can throw a dummy away but you can't get rid of the thumb.

pinkyminky Sat 22-Sep-07 23:16:44

that's true. I guess it's a no win situation!

anniemac Sun 23-Sep-07 20:44:06

Message withdrawn

xXxamyxXx Sun 23-Sep-07 20:57:46

ds never sucked thumb but never took a dummy ether so msybe theres a link or not!

JiminyCricket Sun 23-Sep-07 20:59:42

dd2 was doing it in the womb (saw her on the scan!) and still does age 2, dd1 started when she was two! And still does. So technically dd2 started sucking her thumb before dd1.

anniemac Sun 23-Sep-07 22:32:41

Message withdrawn

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