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7 year old son want to be a girl

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Kelskie72 Fri 10-Apr-20 15:58:33

Hi I’m just reaching out to anyone who may be going through similar or have in the past so I can talk to someone. My 7 year old son has been dressing up and playing with girls toys since he was 2. He doesn’t have a sister but his very first friend is a girl and he always loved playing with her dolls. We have been quite laid back about this although at first, my very traditional husband was quite unnerved by it all. He’s been to pre school and primary school in dresses on special days but has never insisted on wearing a girls school uniform. He’s always tottering around in my high heels and last year he told me what he wanted more than anything was to be a girl. My stomach just flipped, my lovely sensitive sweet natured kind little boy, wants to be a girl! Of course next week the thing he wanted most was a camper van and I went back to thinking it was a phase. He always chooses girl avatars when playing games and only really has girl friends at school. The other day he asked if you can go to the hospital (he hates hospitals!) to get an operation to be female! I said well yes but it’s not very nice as they would have to cut your willy off. He looked thrilled at this possibility! I’ve tried mentioning to my husband that he could be transgender but he said he’s just soft and flamboyant like a designer and that, he can handle... I just feel I need someone to talk to about this.
Thanks in advance

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