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Dhunsberger Mon 09-Mar-20 01:18:12

I have a wonderful little boy that I love very much. I have always struggled with anxiety, especially health related and lately I’ve been worrying about him a lot.

I’m scared he might have a motor problem and am convinced it’s dyspraxia.

He has reached most of his milestones on time, but usually toward the end of the ‘normal’ range.
Sit unassisted - 5.5 months
Rolled both direction - 8 months
Crawled (textbook) - 10 months
Walked - 16 months

He feeds himself with a spoon and learning with a fork. He can drink from a straw. He is learning to drink from a cup but still dribbles.

He seems to be really clumsy. He falls down a lot and looks a bit ‘drunk’ when he walks. He trips over his own feet. He doesn’t really avoid obstacles and just seems really uncoordinated. I know he’s learning, but when should I worry? He’s been walking for 2 months. I just don’t know how long it takes for them to be more steady?

He is constantly on the move. He comes to me for lots of snuggles, but it’s for 30 seconds and he is off to something else. He seems so awkward when he rolls over. He rolls over his arm and it tends to get stuck. He hadn’t tried to lift his arm up or bend it. Is that weird?

Sometimes he just crawls all over me, trying to get into a comfortable position, but it’s like he can’t figure out what that is.

He eats fairly well but doesn’t like certain textures like meat or rubbery veggies. He spits them out. He hates the wind or a fan on his face. He gasps and gets upset. He also hates the sun on his face. He will cover his eyes or cry if it’s too bright. He hates being dried with a towel and having his hands and face wiped. Is this sensory?

He also pulls at his hair constantly. Usually during quiet activities.

His daycare provider said his speech is a bit ‘off’, but that he is still young. He can say the following things:
- Mama, ma
- Dada, da
- Reese ‘ssss’
- Car ‘cawww’ ‘brum, brum’
- Door ‘doughh’
- Airplane ‘pane’
- Grandpa ‘bampa’
- Kenna ‘Kenna’
- Noah ‘booah’
- Banana ‘nana’
- Roomba ‘boomba’
- Chair ‘cheahhh’
- Blueberry ‘BmmBmm’
- Spoon ‘boum’
- Done ‘Dan’
- More ‘moor’
- Ball ‘baa’
- Turtle ‘turte’
- Poo ‘poo’
- No ‘now’
- Milk ‘ma’
- Book ‘ba’
- Button ‘baat’
- Star ‘staa’
- Moon ‘mun’
- Camera ‘canya’
- Turn ‘tun’
- Fan ‘chan’
- Clock ‘tick tock’
- Dinosaur ‘Din’ ‘rrrrr’
- Sticker ‘ticka’
- Paper ‘paypa’
- Yes ‘yayaya’
- Bye ‘bye’
- Again ‘gain’
- Sun ‘san’
- Cheese ‘chhse’
- Eye ‘eye’
- Drawer ‘draw’
- Grape ‘pa’
- Santa ‘sana’
- Bunny ‘bun’
- Tree ‘tree’
- Stair ‘stairs’
- Down ‘dun’
- Bear ‘bear’
- Baby ‘Bae bae
- Tower ‘towr’
- 50.
- Drum
- Up
- Sleep sack - ‘see-sa’
- Theresa - ‘tee-sa’
- Memere - ‘mer’
- Window - ‘dun-da’
- Umbrella - ‘bum-beh-ba
- Sadie - ‘say-day’
- Dump

He usually pronounces things the same way but there can be slight variation. He also will say a word perfectly and the never say it again? He is a parrot and mimics what we say constantly. He also babbles non stop.

He won’t mimic me when I stick out my tongue or blow raspberries.

I’m just so worried. After reading about dyspraxia, I feel so anxious.

He was just at his 18 month appointment and his doctor said he is doing great. His daycare provider ( who is also an early childhood educator) says developmentally he is on track. And as usual, my husband has no worries.

Am I completely mad?

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Jannt86 Mon 09-Mar-20 08:08:39

You're not mad you're a concerned parent. However based on what you say I don't think there's any alarm bells ringing really. His talking sounds well on track as he clearly has tonnes of words. I wouldn't worry at all that they're not especially clear. My LO is almost 2 and a fair bit of what she says only I would understand and the rest the first consonant is missing and/or it sounds quite like another word she knows (eg horse and sauce are both 'orse') I think it's more like 2.5 you need to start worrying about pronounciation and even then I think it's only about 50% of words that are expected to be understandable to strangers. The fact that he's parroting is a really good sign too. If he's walking generally normally and there's nothing asymmetrical about his gait I wouldn't worry about that either. They are clumsy when they first start especially. Does he run or squat down to pick things up? And the climbing all over you to get comfy I think is entirely normal. One of the commonest phrases I use with my LO is 'I'm not a climbing frame darling' grin What you're describing all sounds entirely normal but if you are worried I would see your GP/HV as it's so hard to be sure from just a post on a message board. Remember to look after yourself too and seek help if your anxiety is getting too much xx

AladdinMum Mon 09-Mar-20 12:02:31

At 18 months only 8 words are expected, that includes animal sounds and approximations, so from that measure his speech is advanced for his age. How is his non verbal communication? so pointing to request things and pointing to share interests (like a plane in the sky)?

Rainallnight Mon 09-Mar-20 12:41:51

I think that all sounds really normal.

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