6 year old DS1 with Autism anger problem

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JiltedJohnsJulie Tue 11-Feb-20 18:57:29

So sorry you are struggling. I have no idea how you can make him understand.

Perhaps if you ask @MNHQ to move this to the Special Needs section, sone of the lovely MNers in there will have some suggestions?

MumOfTwoBoyssss Tue 11-Feb-20 17:02:16

I don't know what is is, I know with his autism my DS1 has no understanding whatsoever, but his anger is getting out of hand, he has (or had) a tablet that I only allow him to use once a day for 15 mins, he's only allowed access to educational games and so on, but he's recently ( if he loses a game or if the tablet freeze's or the battery is dying) he will lash out, throw the tablet across the room, hitting and kicking me and so on, he had a Tablet that he smashed ( it's had protection on it to stop it from smashing,) just threw it and it smashed, he was constantly asking to use it afterwards, he clearly doesn't understand that if you break something, you can't use it it's gone, no matter how many times I've told him he will still ask for it, then gets angry, so his nan gave him a tablet to use in the mean time, I've been thinking about buying him another one but after today I don't want to, but the one his nan gave him, he's also just smashed! I have no idea what to say to him to make him understand that if he breaks something it's gone! His anger is getting way too much, he's even broken a few of DS2 toys I got him for Christmas aswell, and he just can't understand, I explain over and over again to him he has to look after his things but he ends up breaking every thing,

Sorry I'm just rambling and I probably don't make any sense but, anyone with an autistic child, what would you do? Would you replace it? Do I punish him by not replacing it at all? Or do I just keep telling him over and over again that if he doesn't treat his things with respect, it's gone for good? He's in the bathroom crying his eyes out because I've just told him about 50 times he can't have his tablet because it's broken, he just keeps asking for it like hes dismissing the fact that it's broken and can never be used again. I know it's only a tablet but I'm running out of ideas to make him understand.

What would you do?

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