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Teeth brushing question and walking help??

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Peaches2018 Wed 04-Dec-19 16:35:28

HI everyone

On good ol' Mumsnet today for several question about my LO who's almost 18 months old.
I've noticed for a while now that he doesn't like his teeth getting brushed especially if I lift up his upper lip a bit to clean his upper teeth. I have to lie him down because otherwise he'll get away or bite SO hard on the toothbrush I can't brush his teeth. It's getting now around 10 minutes to try and brush them in the evening before bed and we thinks that's a bit too long. Any ideas??

He's also trying to walk, sets one or two steps and then decides he doesn't want to. Also when we try to holds his hands to help him walk or call him over while he's standing he gets really upset which makes us feel bad. He seems really uncomfortable / scared even sometimes to walk and crawls further on top speed grin He does cruise furniture for several months and he does try but how can we help him?

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Peaches2018 Thu 05-Dec-19 13:39:49


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