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horse4course Thu 26-Sep-19 22:01:51

Mmn things won't go back to normal though will they?

The arrival of a sibling is a big deal even if the older one likes the baby. Your dd will have mixed up feelings about where she fits in the family, whether you love her as much etc. You both need to mourn the loss of how things used to be.

Give it time and plenty of love and she'll settle, but don't expect her to not notice that a huge change has taken place.

CNAL Wed 25-Sep-19 11:30:36

I have just had a DD but already have a 5yo DD since I've got out of hospital my 5yo has spent a few nights crying, she's crying in her sleep and then when she wakes but she won't talk to me or tell me why she's crying. She's been a fantastic big sister and has been involved entirely in helping me with the baby she often says how much she loves her little sister and completely adores her. I'm currently recovering from a c section so my movement and taking part in activities is extremely limited so am not able to do as much with her as I have always done. I've explained it's not the baby it's because I've had major surgery and things will go back to normal when I'm better. Has anyone been through this with any of their children or have any advice on how I can help her.

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