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Bad tempered 5 year old

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cavycavy Mon 26-Aug-19 09:49:29

My 4 year old is similar. Shockingly violent at times.

Firstly I make sure she’s eating enough. She’d go a week without a decent meal given the chance.

We’ve set ground rules. Use ‘time out’ (4 mins). And removal of privileges if rules are broken. I’ve learned she simply doesn’t care about toys, so removing these as a punishment means nothing to her. It’s things like not going to the park that matter to her.

We are having to be consistent and follow the system religiously.

Time out is being used once a day now, where it was 3 times a day to start with. So I think it’s working!!

Kinsman Mon 26-Aug-19 00:18:22

No real advice but was lurking as I currently have a suddenly defiant four year old at home. I'm wondering if this is a developmental stage perhaps?

Izzydizzy01 Fri 23-Aug-19 16:16:42

Anyone confused

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Izzydizzy01 Fri 23-Aug-19 14:53:22

Hi I'm looking for some advice please. My 5 year old sons temper is wild. And I really don't know what to do any more. He's destructive. Doesnt care about peoples property kicking cars etc. Hitting people. Throwing stuff to the ground. He scrapped his tv screen the other week. He cheeky calls other children /adults names. And he doesn't feel bad just laughs about it. I've punished him took his stuff away grounded him. But it doesn't effect him he continues with screaming tantrums, I thought he would be past it by this age. But he was a good child till he was nearly 3 and has gotten well worst since then. He smirks when being shouted at etc. I refuse to take him to shops, play centres and restaurants as he is never good. Please tell me this will pass as I'm not sure. He's due to start school next week and I'm hoping it will calm him. But nursery didn't do to much as he has problems concentrating. Went through a phase of hitting. And we done the reward charts. Worked once after that he lost interest. Any advice please

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