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She won't settle with anyone else!!!!

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Ruth2808 Wed 01-Aug-07 20:46:01

I have a 6mth dd she is bf during the day and the she has a bottle at night. Her Dad used to give her the bottle but now she will not take it from him and screams the place down! She will only take it from me now. Tonight he was desperately trying to settle her for bed and give her her bottle but she screamed as soon as I went in to have a go she started feeding merrily!!!!! I dread leaving her with a babysitter if she won't even let daddy put her to bed how is she going to be with someone else!!! Any suggestions?

frankie3 Wed 01-Aug-07 20:53:32

My ds used to do this. Once I went out and left my mum babysitting and I phoned home to see how she was doing, and she said "I am dripping the milk into his mouth from a teaspoon"! Luckily he grew out of it, and as he got older I left him more frequently as it mattered less if he went without a feed. Maybe in the evening you can sometimes change his routine so that you can feed him before you go out and then after you get back.

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