DD, 3 is afraid of the big bad wolf....

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BertieDrapper Tue 09-Jul-19 17:26:39

So DD is 3.5 and has generally been very independent and fearless.

She loves the classics Grimm type fairytales, had read them many times and acted out red riding hood at a group she attends.

She recently watched some cartoons of red riding hood and the three little pigs and now she is terrified of the big bad wolf.

She used to go to the toilet on her own upstairs, now refuses, she used to play so nicely upstairs on her own now refuses. We are not allowed to leave her alone in any room.... bed time has become a real chore when it never was... it's worse then when she was a baby!!

I've done "anti wolf spray" 🙄 and told her he isn't real... our house is made of bricks etc etc and nothing is working.
This evening she wet herself and then poo'd herself just to not have to go upstairs!

I'm struggling to not lose my temper about it all.... anyone got any tips on how best to handle this???

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sleepismysuperpower1 Tue 09-Jul-19 17:52:32

we had something similar last year (dd was terrified of a minecraft character thanks to her older brother). we got advice from a friend to introduce a positive role model. so, we introduced Babar the elephant. We said that elephants are big and strong, so they can protect you from anything you are scared of (in this case, the big bad wolf because Babar can squash it with his big foot). We read her books like this about him, let her watch some episodes of it on youtube (supervised), and got her a plushie of him here. then we gave her the plushie, and said that Babar would look after her and (in this case) the big bad wolf would be so scared of being squashed he wouldn't come anywhere near her.
my dd got very attached to the plushie but she wasn't afraid anymore.

all the best x

BertieDrapper Wed 10-Jul-19 08:58:13

Thank you @sleepismysuperpower1

We will give it a go! Losing my mind not being able to pee on my own... like have a baby again lol x

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