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Help! Un settled baby

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vsnm13 Thu 30-May-19 15:18:21

Hey, I was wondering if anyone else had this experience...
My daughter is five and a half months and over the last few weeks she just seems really unhappy when we go out. She is really restless and stroppy and hates being in her push chair and car seat. I dread going out now to be honest. Her attention span only lasts about five minutes.
It's constantly exhausting trying not to have her cry every 5-10 min!
Is this something anyone else has experienced? Is this part of developing?
Thank you

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Haz1516 Fri 31-May-19 10:09:25


I seem to remember there being a bit of a growth spurt around this time? Which usually makes them fussier. Or else it might be something development - learning to sit up or roll?

It will pass though. They go through good times and bad times, but the bad do get better.

GinIsHappiness Fri 31-May-19 13:16:42

Is she teething?

My DS is 10 months and got like this whenever teeth come along. Worth checking

MummyBear2352 Fri 31-May-19 19:14:46

My dd was like this and still is sometimes shes just so nosey she wants to see and touch everything. I had lots of toys I could clip to her pushchair which seemed to work

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