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Building self esteem

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megs754 Thu 30-May-19 14:27:19

Hi , my 9 yr old really struggles with confidence and self esteem. She shy's away for clubs and sports outside of school as she doesn't want to go alone. The one club she is doing, she wants to stop.

Just wondering if anyone has been through this. Should I let her stop things that are making her feel out of her comfort zone or should I try to keep her going.

Also any tips on boosting her self esteem would be much appreciated.


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HennyPennyHorror Thu 30-May-19 14:47:20

My DD1 was like this. At 14 she's much better. What I did was target in on what she was particularly good at and encourage that a lot. In DD"s case it was drawing....I told her about an online art competition and she drew a picture and to my amazement she that cemented a lot of confidence in her. Made her feel like she had something special about her.

Is DD particularly interested in anything like art? I say art because it's something a lot of quieter children love...or writing.

maddogladyme Fri 07-Jun-19 18:20:14

Hi there.

My 9 year old was really happy at home with me - she withdrew from clubs and even Birthday parties she was invited to. I just went with it and as long as she was happily communicating, learning and playing with her mates at school I let it be and allowed her to be.

I remember making her go to a party and she didn't have a good time, after that I knew to leave it be.

Now she is nearly 12 and full of gusto to go out, still not a big fan of clubs but always up for a sleepover with her friends, a happy character.

I'd leave her be and she will change.

Best of luck, Sam

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