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Should I be worried that my 8 month old is anxious about ANYONE apart from his parents?!

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cheritongirl Thu 19-Jul-07 22:37:56

OK I am probably just being a paranoid first time mum here, but my ds who has so far seemed quite a sensitive little soul seems to be getting increasingly anxious when we see anyone he doesn't know well, and even some people we do know well! This includes other babies his own age - today he screamed the house down in fear when a baby his age crawled up to him and smiled and anyone who is not me or my dh who has so much as looked at him recently has the same effect.
I know i am super sociable but am trying very hard not be expect him to be so..
any tips to help him get over his anxiety or is this just a normal phase?

EscapeFrom Thu 19-Jul-07 22:39:24

No this is really normal at this age. Veyr very normal.

Ds2 was just like it, on a bad day I wasn't even allowed to stop looking at him

But he is now a super sociable 15 month old - he totally grew out of it by about 1 year old.

skirmish Thu 19-Jul-07 22:41:36

am in the same boat cheriton - with an 8mth too - am hoping he will grow out of it, but pretty much has always been like this - hopefully there are others with more experience/advice!

cheritongirl Fri 20-Jul-07 10:37:07


RosaLuxembourg Fri 20-Jul-07 11:28:51

Don't worry - anxiety is really common at this age - it is a totally normal phase and will pass quite quickly. Nothing you need to do except lots of cuddles and reassurance really.

herbgarden Fri 20-Jul-07 21:58:39

Very normal. My ds started this at 7/8 months - would scream at random people - arms up wanting comfort. I hate to say it though, this might get worse. He's now 13 months and he won't easily be passed over to anyone and nursery drop offs now I'm back at work are difficult. However, when I'm not there he's fine - in a really good mood. Roll with it, it'll pass. Me and dh are normal sociable people but apparently were like this too as babies...

WinkyWinkola Fri 20-Jul-07 23:08:32

Give him extra love and assurances and hugs etc. Don't force him to be with other people. He'll get past this very normal stage a more confident little soul if he knows you're 100% there for him.

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