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summerbreeze912 Thu 02-May-19 20:35:58

Now you mention it, my DS shakes his head for no but does not nod for yes (just makes his yes sound). He is 12 months.

Emmaflo Thu 02-May-19 07:12:16

@aladdinmum yes she nods her head for yes and has done for sometime. She has said no for ages but the shaking of her head has just never come. I have no concerns about other copying, she knows the actions to nursery rhymes, will copy when we are playing games etc but just curious as to why she has never shaken her head. I will model it more to her, I guess we don't say no all that much and she is a great eater so doesn't really refuse food and things so maybe she's just not experienced it much?

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AladdinMum Thu 02-May-19 00:13:01

@Emmaflo do you shake your head when you say no? most people don't and it's no different for a toddler. Shaking your head for no tends to come before the word and gets replaced by the word. How about yes? does she nod for yes or say yes?

HalfStar Wed 01-May-19 10:33:54

She's fine smile

DelphiMum Tue 30-Apr-19 07:51:41

If she can say “no” why bother shaking her head.

Emmaflo Tue 30-Apr-19 07:45:25

My dd is 14 months old. She is bang on track with her development (I think!) But i have noticed that she does not shake her head for No. Is this unusual?
Dd says no very clearly and in the right context so I am aware of when she doesn't like something/doesn't want to do something but it has never been accompanied with a shake of her head. She does, however, nod her head for yes (accompanied with her sound for yes) and has done since she was 11 months old.
Just wondering really as everyone says shaking head comes before nodding etc but she does not seem interested.

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