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Tell me about your 4/5 year old boys!

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legoeverywhere1982 Mon 22-Apr-19 07:32:37

I have an energetic 4.5 year old who just seems to be getting more and more energetic / non-stop all the time! My partner says this is what boys are like but I need some reassurance..
He is a very kind boy who is happiest when with other children and he literally does not stop. When we go out to lunch he doesn't want to sit waiting although some colouring will entertain him for a while. He can be more energetic / excitable when we have visitors or if he isn't entertained, happiest when outside with other children. He's in reception and seems to be getting on well.
When he gets angry/frustrated he will cry and shout which is often over things like not winning a race or game..
Are your boys similar at this age?
Do they tend to settle down a bit as they get older?
Have I got a particularly wild one?

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3in4years Tue 23-Apr-19 22:15:24

They are all different. Mine is talkative but not boisterous. He can sit still but not quietly! I know lots of energetic little boys though.

Sarah1993 Wed 24-Apr-19 20:21:29

My boys are so.hyper aged 5 and 2 I cant controll or cope with them half. Of time x

Liskee Sun 05-May-19 16:32:48

Mum of a 4 year 5 month old DS and a 2 year 10 month old DS. They are amazing and funny and imaginative. DS1 in particular is sparky and chatty. They're also highly emotional, really dramatic and liable to freak the fuck out at a moments notice.

DS1 has also learnt to talk back and now turns all the threats we've used on him back at us, and despite our valiant attempts to not shout unless one of them is hurting each other or themselves (ie in an emergency) he thinks that shouting is the only way to communicate.

He's also getting so much bigger and stronger physically that when he throws himself about in frustration or flings himself at people for a hug or in order to get somewhere first there's a real danger of people getting hurt.

I'm hoping this is just a new developmental stage and in a few weeks-months he'll settle down a bit. His attitude and behaviour certainly fits with what many other say, so I'd be with you OP in asking when things calm down and we don't need to be constantly on him???

legoeverywhere1982 Sun 05-May-19 20:40:47

Pleased to hear we're not alone! I met up with one of our friends who has a daughter the same age, and they are finding her hard work at the moment too!
I have to say though, we've had a great day today so it's not constant and I think it helps being out and about and having a break from school!

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