7 year old’s frustration and sadness with friends

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Questioneverything101 Wed 10-Apr-19 15:50:01

My 7 yo DD is generally happy in school, with a small group of friends who she mostly gets along with. However, the one issue that brings her to tears is this self same group. They all sit at the same table, and she’s finding that if she says anything these friends disagree with, or if she says no to them, they accuse her of shouting (she gave me an example of how she says things - she’s not shouting, just being clear) and they constantly threaten to tell the teacher she is doing something wrong. I’ve discussed this with DD, once she’s stopped crying in frustration. She promises me she isn’t doing anything wrong (I’ve also heard nothing back from her teacher). She is frustrated that they also refuse to play with her in the games she wants, she either had to play how they want to or not play at all. I know it’s all low-grade stuff, but it’s REALLY getting to her, and if it matters to her, it matters to me.

We chat about emotions and maturity (she’s pretty cluey for her age), an only child (which has its own downsides sometime) and talk about how to deal with conflict in an age-appropriate way. However, it still breaks my heart. We talk about how sometimes people like attention of all sorts and are trying to work out how to feel a bit more powerful. She is a wonderfully sensitive and empathetic child, but right now it’s feeling really hard for her.

I guess I’m looking for more ideas how to help her navigate this (I’m not going to wade in all guns blazing, that’s not helpful!), or else just a bit of reassurance we’re dealing with it well - I have the reoccurring fear of screwing her up for life! Thank you!

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