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DS2 Language

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irecitethegruffaloinmydreams Mon 01-Apr-19 10:34:44

@chazm84 smile She does it emphatically and with a hint of outrage. Makes me smile every time.

chazm84 Mon 01-Apr-19 10:16:44

@irecitethegruffaloinmydreams when they correct you and know if you try to change words, skip part of a story or "miss" a page.
God they're adorable aren't they 💕

irecitethegruffaloinmydreams Mon 01-Apr-19 10:12:28

DD is 22 months so a bit younger but around the same level. She wasn't particularly early to speak, but has definitely got the hang of it. She speaks in longer sentences e.g. "That monkey's standing on the elephant's head", "I want a big spoon, not a little one", uses prepositions, plurals, verbs and pronouns correctly (although she still sometimes says 'you' when she means 'me/I', but is doing this less and less). She picks up new words easily and copies sentence structures she likes, e.g. if I say "what a silly mummy you have!", she'll say variations on it like 'what a naughty crocodile you have!". She memorises books and songs and either recites them to herself (often quite randomly when she's just walking along) or corrects me if I change a word. She knows colours, shapes, numbers, animals, different dinosaur names (her favourite word is 'ankylosaur') and the alphabet (although there are a couple of letters she sometimes mixes up) and always comments on these things if we see them out and about or in a book. I think it's largely a case of her having a very good memory (as I did as a child/adolescent.) But there is huge variation - her friend, who is a week younger, only has a few simple words.

I should say that she is definitely less precocious in other areas - she is only just starting to run a little and can't work a scooter, for example. They are all so different.

chazm84 Mon 01-Apr-19 09:21:49

Yup they're all different! We have a huge variation in our coffee group where they're all within one month.
Our DD is 2y 1m, started chatting early and hasn't stopped. Huge vocab and stringing longer sentences together (Daddy you go play over there because I'm busy just now). Starting to use adjectives more frequently. Can you tell you what she did in the day and what she'd like to do tomorrow. Comments on everything she sees and asks if she doesn't know what it is/does. Alphabet, numbers, animals, colours, shapes etc. Remembers books and "reads" (recites) them to us/toys.
I love that she's so chatty but sometimes feel a bit out of my depth about how to extend her or if I'm giving her enough stimulation.
On the flip side my brother didn't speak at all for ages when he was small and is now a well respected consultant Aneasthetist.

GPatz Sun 31-Mar-19 23:48:13

I know all children are different, but I would be really grateful if anyone would like to share what language skills their two year olds (early two's) have learnt so far.

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